Honkai Star Rail Kafka build guide: Best Light Cones, Relics, and Traces

Kafka, as shown in her Honkai Star Rail demo trailer
Kafka (Image via Honkai Star Rail)

One of the most-awaited characters, Kafka, finally joins the ranks of playable characters in Honkai Star Rail. Players pulling on the limited character banner will be able to get her and another new 4-star called Luka. However, the following article will focus on the Stellaron Hunter for now, alongside her prowess on the battlefield as a debuffer.

Kafka is a Lightning character following the Nihility Path in the game. As mentioned, most of her abilities focus on applying debuffs on enemies, and she can act as a sub-DPS when needed. Similar to Silver Wolf, the community got a look at Kafka's kit in the initial version of the game but a lot has changed since then.

Disclaimer: This article is subjective and relies solely on the writer's opinion.

How do Kafka's abilities and passives work in Honkai Star Rail?

The following points summarize every active and passive skill of Kafka in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Basic ATK: Deals Lightning damage equal to ATK.
  • Skill: Deals damage to a single enemy alongside anyone adjacent. Any DoT (damage over time) to debuffed target will receive damage.
  • Ultimate: Deals Lightning damage to everyone on the field, inflicting Shock and instantly triggering any ongoing DoT effects. Additionally, Shock DoT damage increases.
  • Passive: Launches a follow-up attack after Kafka's ally attacks after her basic attack. The Shock applied by this follow-up is equivalent to the damage of her ultimate.
Kafka's stance while casting her skill (Image via HoYoverse)
Kafka's stance while casting her skill (Image via HoYoverse)

Using Kafka's technique near enemies will also help players inflict Shock and Lightning damage for an advantage at the start of the battle.

Regarding traces, her Effect Hit Rate and ATK will be enough in the early stages of her build.

What are the best Light Cones for Kafka in Honkai Star Rail?

The signature Light Cone for Kafka in Honkai Star Rail is called "Patience is All You Need." It is available in a separate limited Light Cone banner alongside Kafka in 1.2's second phase. To summarize its usage, the wearer will have their damage increased by 24%, alongside SPD, up to three times. Additionally, a special debuff will be inflicted, adding Shock DoT on the target.

Fermata (Image via HoYoverse)
Fermata (Image via HoYoverse)

Players looking to obtain F2P Light Cones can check out the Fermata 4-star from Forgotten Halls shop and In the Name of the World. The former increases any Shock DoT from the wearer, while the latter increases damage against enemies with the debuff, alongside their Effect Hit rate and ATK stat.

Lastly, the "Eyes of the Prey" 4-star is a great weapon for increased Shock DoT and Effect Hit Rate.

What are the best relics and planar ornaments for Kafka in Honkai Star Rail?

The Band of the Sizzling Thunder 4-set will be the most effective gear piece on Kafka in Honkai Star Rail. Prioritizing Effect Hit Rate and ATK is recommended for the following 2-set planar ornament.

Band of the Sizzling Thunder (Image via HoYoverse
Band of the Sizzling Thunder (Image via HoYoverse

Hence, regarding planar ornaments, the Pan-Galactic Commercial Enterprise should be equipped for increased Effect Hit Rate and ATK on Kafka. It is important to note that having an increased Effect Hit Rate will increase her chance to inflict Shock DoT on enemies.