How to abuse the Killjoy-Sage wall boosting strategy in Valorant

Killjoy and Sage boosting strategy on Ascent (image Credits: Gwegwy)

Ever since the release of Valorant’s closed beta, Sage’s wall has been creating some insane player boosting strategies that always catch the enemy team by surprise.

From Ascent to Haven to Bind, each of the maps in Valorant are filled with exploits that can very easily be abused with proper Sage wall placements. 

Recently, after patch 1.06 to be exact, Sage mains have been exploiting the Killjoy turret glitches to their advantage. By placing a Sage wall on top of a turret, players can now get a boost on top of a boost!

The reason why we’re calling this a bug or a glitch is because such a strategy is simply game-breaking, and too overpowered, to have a place in competitive Valorant, let alone pro play.

And there are high chances that Riot Games will be patching it right out in the coming updates.

Abusing the Killjoy, Sage wall strategy in Valorant

Image Credits: Gwegwy

Even if the boosting strategy is unfair and overpowered, we will not recommend that you stop using it for your Ranked grind. We believe in the 'everything is fair when it comes to Ranked climb' policy, and till the glitch gets fixed, let us talk about a few ways in which you and your duo partner can abuse it.

The YouTuber who goes by the name of Gwegwy uploaded some unique ways in which you can optimally use the Killjoy turret and Sage wall glitch in Valorant.

In his Reddit post, he uploaded some clips which showed how broken the strategy could be on Ascent, especially on the defender side.

Gwegwy talks about two specific areas on the map where you can make the most of the boost.

One is on the B-side, where you can easily overlook B-lobby and B-Tunnels and thwart any aggressive enemy push onto the site.

The other one is on the A rafters, were using the boost, you will be able to easily overlook the two entry points of A-main and A-long. 

Now, Gwegwy may have shown the strategy with a Phantom equipped, but we feel that it will work best with an Operator and a Vandal. The vantage point that the boost creates can be incredibly oppressive with a long-ranged weapon in hand.

The boost is applicable in all Valorant maps

Though Gwegwy showed the boost in Valorant's Ascent, we believe it can be applied quite well in the other maps. And till it gets patched out, we suggest that you boot up a custom map with your duo and experiment with it.

Edited by Ravi Iyer

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