How to beat the Chrysaloid in Outriders

The Chrysaloid appears in the Forest Enclave within the Outriders campaign (Image via Square Enix)
The Chrysaloid appears in the Forest Enclave within the Outriders campaign (Image via Square Enix)
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Outriders has some significant boss fights for players to take on, and the Chrysaloid is one of them. It has all the elements, like scale, difficulty and phases, that players have come to expect.

The Chrysaloid appears in the Forest Enclave within the Outriders campaign. Once players get to the location of the Chrysaloid within the Forest Enclave, they will need to interact with some rocks to start the fight.

How to beat the Chrysaloid in Outriders


When the fight begins with the Chrysaloid in Outriders, players will be thrown into phase one with the massive boss. There are moves that can do some significant damage, but if players are aware of them, the first phase isn't too difficult.

Chrysaloid will have two attacks, the first of which is an area of effect attack in which it smashes the ground. That attack happens when the boss uses boulders that have collectively fallen from the ceiling. The second attack to look out for is a laser beam, which can be more devastating than the AOE smash attack.

However, players can use their evasion and the rocks around the arena in order to avoid the laser beam. Both attacks are heavily animated, so it's far easier to tell when the attack is coming. In between attacks, players can do as much damage as possible until the second phase starts.

With phase two, the Chrysaloid will spawn help through the Strix, which are huge dragonflies that appear in that area. They can take a hit and have the ability to take players down fast with their poison projectiles. Because there is no cover with this phase of the fight, players need to react fast and make sure they can heal through the damage.

Luckily, the Chrysaloid will be relatively absent during the Strix attack, so players can place their attention on the incoming bugs. They can also save their heals to negate any lasting poison effects. Effect negation is one of the major benefits of using the Technomancer in the fight, especially solo.

After taking open shots on the Chrysaloid for some time, the fight will be finished. There is no third phase of the Chrysaloid fight in Outriders. If players face too much trouble, the World Tier can always be lowered.

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