Outriders class guide: All four classes ranked on basis of gameplay

(Image via People Can Fly)
(Image via People Can Fly)
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Even though Outriders has been out for almost a month, players are still trying to decide which is the best class for them.

Outriders has four main classes: Pyromancer, Trickster, Devastator, and Technomancer. Each class has its own special abilities and meaning, but it's all up to the player to decide which is the best for in-game play.

So, below is a look at all four classes and how they rank based on gameplay experience.

Outriders Class Guide

Outriders has a lot to offer as the newest addition to the shooter-style genre. Allowing players to use one of the many classes is a great way to show just how awesome the game is. Each class is unique in its own way; there’s no right or wrong class to pick for Outriders.


Technomancer is a great choice if players are looking to engage in long-range combat or run and gun strategies. Technomancer, overall, is fun to use thanks to the quick movement it offers.

One of the more unique traits of a Technomancer is the ability to heal allies, which no other class can really support. In a game like Outriders, Technomancer doesn’t feel out of place, but it seems like the dirty work can be more fun with the other classes.


(Image via People Can Fly)
(Image via People Can Fly)

The Devastator is an absolutely fun way to jump into Outriders and tank through enemies. The Devastator will run up and end enemies on sight and help protect allies from the incoming hits. The Devastator class also has some great special powers.

One of the powers, Gravity Leap, allows players to turn into rocks and reposition themselves while in the air to strike down enemies. Another great power is Reflect Bullets, allowing for a Devastator to create a forcefield in front of them collecting any bullets the enemies fire and sending them right back.


(Image via People Can Fly)
(Image via People Can Fly)

Trickster has grown into a fan favorite class for many players in Outriders. One of the main reasons is that the Trickster tends to be an assassin-like character. They can warp time and space, giving players some incredible action and moves to use.

Though a lot can be done with the Trickster, it did receive a recent nerf, making it more of an “all gun” type build and focuses less on the special abilities.


The Pyromancer is, by far, one of the more fun and top-rated classes in Outriders. There have been numerous gameplay videos on YouTube, Reddit, and just about everywhere else, of players simply shredding the other-class competition.

The overall abilities that come with being a Pyromancer are pretty overpowering, but it's sort of cancelled out by the number of enemies that can come at a player at any given moment. This class is best if players want to feel like the godly figure they're supposed to be in Outriders and enjoy exciting yet comfortable gameplay.

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