The best Shotguns in Outriders and how to find them

Everything to know about the best shotguns in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
Everything to know about the best shotguns in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)

When talking about any weapon in Outriders, it is safe to say that nothing beats the assorted 46 legendary weapons in the game.


Outriders' unique mechanics provide massive perks to specific classes when they kill an enemy within close range. Nothing comes close to a legendary shotgun in dealing damage to nearby enemies.

Because there are 14 assorted legendary shotguns in Outriders, players have the freedom to choose one that best suits their playstyle.

Having said that, similar to all other legendary weapons in Outriders, legendary shotguns also feature two weapon mods that massively enhance performance.


This article dives into everything that players need to know about legendary shotguns in Outriders.

Legendary Shotguns in Outriders

To collect legendary shotguns in Outriders, players will have to depend on the random weapon drops they receive after completing quests and expeditions.

Additionally, having a high World Tier or Challenge Tier level will boost the chances of receiving legendary gear from quests or expeditions.

Outriders allow players to re-run all the quests and expeditions that they have already completed. On top of that, replaying a quest or expedition has the same chances of acquiring legendary gear as the first time playing that quest or expedition.

All of this confirms that the best method of collecting legendary shotguns in Outriders is by repeatedly playing the quests and expeditions.

With all the said, the following is a list of all the available legendary shotguns along with their weapon mods in Outriders. Players have the chance to acquire these whenever they complete a high-tier quest or expedition:

Aerie Master

  • Critical Point: Increases the chance of scoring a critical shot in Outriders.
  • Weightlessness: Shots inflict Time Rift status on enemies. Time Rift raises the enemy into the air for a short duration.

The Anemoi

  • Anomaly Surge: Critical shots spawn an Anomaly energy blast that deals damage inside a fixed radius.
  • Moaning Winds: Reloading creates a strong blast around the player, dealing damage to enemies caught inside the blast.

Anomaly Effigy

  • Concentration Blast: Killing shots cause enemies to explode, dealing damage multiplied by the maximum number of enemies present within a specific radius around the original target.
  • Weakening Bullets: Shots inflict Weakness status on enemies in Outriders.

Body Snatcher

  • Body Snatcher: Killing shots teleport another enemy to the place where the previous one died and works within a specific target radius.
  • Soul Devourer: Killing shots regenerates the player's health points in outriders.

The Bulwark

  • Clip of Amalthea: Presents a chance that critical shots do not consume ammo.
  • Ultimate Anomaly Surge: Critical shots spawn an Anomaly energy blast that deals damage in a specific radius.

Darkness Charmer

  • Grand Openings: Landing a hit with the first bullet in a magazine creates a powerful explosion, dealing damage in a specific radius.
  • Perpetuum Mobile: Players instantly replenish their magazine if they kill an enemy with less than 30% ammo remaining in their magazine.


  • Fortress: Receive a damage bonus based on the player's Armor in Outriders.
  • Striga: A percentage of Critical Damage is returned to the player as Healthpoints.

Enoch's Blessing

  • Gravedigger’s Frenzy: Critical shots increase the player's Critical Damage by a specific percentage for a specific duration.
  • Life and Death: Killing shots create a blast that restores the player's healthpoints.

Funeral Pyre

  • Resistance Breaker: Shots decrease the target’s Resistance for a short duration in Outriders.
  • Shadow Comet: Shots call down a comet, dealing damage to all enemies within the vicinity.

Golem's Limb

  • Golem Rising: Killing shots grants a protective Golem effect for a short duration.
  • Vampire: Killing shots grant players with Leech boost for a specific duration in Outriders.

The Guillotine

  • Minefield: Killing shots spawn explosives around the target; each deals damage in a specific radius.
  • Radiation Splash: Reloading causes a small explosion that inflicts Vulnerable status on enemies and deals damage to all enemies caught inside the vicinity.

The High Roller

  • Clip Roller: When the player's magazine has less than 30% ammo left, they can roll to reload all their equipped weapons quickly.
  • Embalmer’s Rage: For a short duration after a killing shot, all following shots will be critical shots.

Paxian Blessing

  • Life Stock: Reloading restores a certain amount of healthpoints for each enemy killed since the player's last reload without changing their weapon.
  • Vampire: Killing shots grants players with Leech boost for a specific duration in Outriders.

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