Top 5 Legendary Weapons in Outriders

Best legendary weapons in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
Best legendary weapons in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
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Outriders feature 46 assorted legendary weapons, each having two special abilities of their own, for players to choose from.

Given that the exclusive weapon mods that are available with every legendary weapon in Outriders cannot be obtained from any other source, some of these weapons are definitely better than the rest of the lot. However, considering the gameplay mechanics of Outriders, it is best for every player to try out all the weapons to find the best fit for themselves.

Before heading into the list of the five best legendary weapons in Outriders, it is extremely important for players to note that various legendary weapons inflict various effects on enemies which can be further combined with Class abilities to deal even more damage to enemies.

Having said that, this article features the five best legendary weapons in Outriders that can be absolutely game-changing in specific scenarios.

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Best legendary weapons in Outriders

Absolute Zero


This legendary assault rifle in Outriders presents players with two unique abilities which helps them not only freeze their enemies, but also apply a Vulnerable status on enemies. This weapon can be absolutely crucial when there's a huge horde of enemies charging at the player.

These are the weapon mods present in the Absolute Zero legendary assault rifle in Outriders:

  • Ultimate Freezing Bullets: Shots inflict Freeze status on enemies.
  • Improved Vulnerability Bullets: Shots inflict Vulnerable status on enemies.

Voodoo Matchmaker


One of the strongest legendary assault rifles in Outriders, this weapon's unique abilities allows the player to not only inflict Vulnerable status on their enemies, but also create a link between multiple enemies to deal bonus weapon as well as anomaly damage.

The weapons mods present in the Voodoo Matchmaker in Outriders are,

  • Ultimate Damage Link: Shots link up to two enemies, causing them to share a percentage of their Weapon damage dealt as well as a percentage of their Anomaly damage dealt.
  • Vulnerability Bullets: Shots inflict Vulnerable on enemies.

Damascus Offering


One of the strongest light machine guns in Outriders, Damascus Offering allows players to deal huge bursts of area damage to all enemies caught inside the vicinity. Additionally, this weapon also presents a massive firepower boost depending on the character's anomaly power.

Two weapon mods available with Damascus Offering Legendary Light Machine Guns in Outriders are:

  • Anomaly Enhancement: Receive a passive Firepower boost based on the player's Anomaly Power.
  • Claymore Torrent: Shots damage multiple enemies within the area-of-effect with Anomaly blades, dealing damage to all of them.

The Iceberg


This legendary sniper rifle in Outriders presents players with the option to hunt their enemies from a far away distance. Apart from being able to freeze multiple enemies from afar, the iceberg can also be used to make enemies explode to deal massive damage to all enemies caught inside its effect.

Here are the two weapon mods available with the Iceberg in Outriders:

  • Icebreaker: Killing shots against frozen enemies make them explode, dealing massive damage.
  • Winter Blast: Critical shots create an icy blast that inflicts Freeze status on enemies within the area of effect.

The Anemoi


Arguably one of the best shotguns available in Outriders, the Anemoi is perfect for anyone who wishes to get close to the action and take down nearby enemies. Apart from the fact that this legendary shotgun in Outriders deals a massive explosion damage whenever players land a critical shot, the Anemoi also causes a blast around the player's vicinity whenever they reload the weapon.

The weapon mods available along with the Anemoi in Outriders are:

  • Anomaly Surge: Critical shots spawn an Anomaly energy blast that deals damage inside a fixed radius.
  • Moaning Winds: Reloading creates a strong blast around the player, dealing damage to enemies caught inside the blast.

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