Outriders players are losing entire inventory after the 1.05 update; here is how to avoid it

Everything to know about avoiding the inventory wipe bug in Outriders
Everything to know about avoiding the inventory wipe bug in Outriders
Titas "TeeKay" Khan

After the release of the 1.05 update in Outriders, lots of players have reported game crashes which result in the player's entire inventories getting wiped.

The developers at People Can Fly and publishers Square Enix have confirmed the issues were noted and are being worked on. Additionally, the former has confirmed that everyone who has fallen victim to the inventory wipe bug in Outriders will eventually have all their items and weapons restored.

They also said that the restored items eventually might not have the same stats, values, or even mods attached. This means that the restored version of a specific weapon that players already had in their inventory might not be as powerful as the previous renditions.

This bug has been reported only in a few specific scenarios, making it possible for players to avoid their entire inventory from getting wiped in Outriders.


Here's a detailed rundown about everything that players can do to avoid the inventory wipe bug in Outriders.

How to prevent the entire inventory wipe bug in Outriders

All the reports that have emerged regarding the inventory wipe bug have all stated that this problem usually arises when players try to join an online lobby.

Solo players who have been enjoying Outriders as a single-player title haven't fallen prey to the vicious inventory wipe bug.

According to the reports, the bug gets triggered when players join a multiplayer lobby in Outriders. It begins with a simple game crash and eventually results in an entire inventory going empty.

These reports add that until a fix is released for this Outriders bug, players should try and avoid the multiplayer mode. They are also advised to turn off crossplay to remain protected from this bug.

Entire inventories getting wiped after hours of looting and grinding in Outriders can be a thoroughly disheartening experience for players. However, they can prevent the same from happening by simply sticking with the single-player mode until an update arrives to fix the bug.

Considering the disastrous launch of Outriders on April 1st, the developers have done exceedingly well to address most in-game issues. It is also expected that all the remaining bugs and glitches will get fixed very soon, ensuring it remains one of the best gaming experiences of the year.

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