Outriders players to get free Legendary weapon, Titanium currency, and 'Frustation' emote for bearing with server issues

Outriders devs announce free appreciation pack after disastrous launch (Image via Square Enix)
Outriders devs announce free appreciation pack after disastrous launch (Image via Square Enix)

Following the disastrous launch of Outriders, Square Enix has announced an appreciation package for everyone who managed to bear through all the issues.

From server crashes and game disconnections to disappearing HUDs and game freezes, players were starting to grow frustrated with Outriders. However, the developers have done exceedingly well to address all the issues the title has been facing since launch.

The developers at People Can Fly have also confirmed that the entire team worked through the Easter weekend to ensure that the update could be released as early as possible.

They also thanked the entire community for supporting the game through its shaky launch and allowing them to "power through and improve the situation."

This announcement from Square Enix was posted on the r/Outriders subreddit, which confirmed the upcoming appreciation pack's contents.

Developers announce free appreciation pack for Outriders

According to the official announcement from Square Enix on the r/Outriders subreddit, the appreciation pack will feature three distinguished items for everyone eligible.

The eligibility criteria for this appreciation pack in Outriders includes:

  • All players who played between March 31st and April 11th (UTC timezones)
  • Any players outside the above window but for whom the developers will have performed an automatic inventory wipe restoration

Any player who matches either of the two criteria will be eligible to receive the appreciation pack in Outriders once it is released. The developers also confirmed its contents:

  • One legendary weapon
  • A specific amount of Titanium
  • The "Frustration" emote

As far as the weapon and Titanium are concerned, the developers haven't revealed the exact details about them. However, it has been confirmed that both the weapon and the amount of Titanium will depend on the player's in-game level.


The "Frustration" emote presents the entire community with an ironic in-game item which, according to the developers, "was not intentional but is fitting."

Having said that, after the topsy-turvy launch of Outriders, the developers have done exceptionally well to restore some much-needed stability. However, with the game still being in its early days, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Outriders.

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