Outriders farming guide: How to farm massive amounts of Titanium quickly

Best methods to farm Titanium quickly in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
Best methods to farm Titanium quickly in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
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Titanium is one of the most important resources in Outriders, as it is essential for upgrading legendary gear as well as improving any equipment's rarity.

Nevertheless, farming Titanium can be an extremely difficult task for new players in Outriders, who are stuck at a lower World Tier. Given the mechanics of Outriders, players stuck at lower World Tier levels won't be able to get their hands on legendary weapons either.

Although this resource plays an important part in Outriders, there are very limited methods by which players can farm massive amounts of Titanium. Additionally, most of these methods boost the amount of Titanium farmed at higher World Tier levels. Players can check out this quick and simple guide on how to farm World Tier levels in Outriders here.

How to farm Titanium quickly in Outriders

Apart from the usual methods for farming Titanium, which include exploring side quests and mining through Ore Veins in Outriders, there are a few tricks that can allow players to collect massive amounts of the resource very quickly. These tricks are:

Reach World Tier 9


It is no mystery that players receive better rewards as their World Tier level increases. However, once the player manages to reach World Tier level 9, they begin to receive additional Titanium from end of mission rewards.

Purchase Titanium from Bailey


Apart from going through the usual grind of farming Titanium in Outriders, players can simply purchase the resource from an in-game NPC. This NPC can be found inside the Forest Enclave and offers five units of Titanium in exchange for 1,625 pieces of scrap, which can be collected by dismantling weapons.

Repeatedly kill Elite enemies


Arguably the best method to farm Titanium as quickly as possible in Outriders, Elite enemies either drop Titanium resources or in-game gear which can be dismantled to collect Titanium. That makes this process one of the most trusted and efficient methods to farm massive amounts of Titanium quickly in Outriders.

Following these three simple methods should allow players to collect as much Titanium as they require for their upgrades. Considering the immersive mechanics of Outriders, the presence of a farm-and-upgrade feature also provides additional incentive for players to explore the heavily emphasized side-quests in the game.

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