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The best World Tier farm in Outriders: Guide to quickly and effectively leveling up

How to increase World Tier level for better farm in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
How to increase World Tier level for better farm in Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
Modified 06 Apr 2021

Gaming YouTuber MillGaming has revealed the fastest way to level up in Outriders to claim the best World Tier farm.

World Tier is the factor that determines the difficulty levels as well as the drops received by killing high leveled enemies. However, in order to unlock higher World Tiers, players need to collect XP by killing enemies in Outriders.

However, given that all quests in Outriders can be repeated unlimited times, players can simply redo some of the simpler quests to earn XP by killing enemies with the highest World Tier level that they have unlocked.

For example, if a player has managed to unlock World Tier level three, they should try to kill as many enemies as possible at the same World Tier level until they have enough XP to unlock the next level.

Here's a detailed rundown on how players can collect huge amounts of XP to progress their World Tier levels in Outriders.

How to increase World Tier level quickly in Outriders?

The fastest and simplest method to collect XP for World Tier progression in Outriders is to kill as many high level enemies as possible. However, there is a small trick which can allow players to replay one specific quest over and over to collect huge amounts of XP within a short period of time.


MillGaming has expressed that one of the simplest quests in Outriders that allows players to amass huge amounts of XP is the third quest from the "First City" storyline.

The quest requires players to reach the other side of the river. However, in order to collect as much XP as possible, players need to kill as many enemies as they can before completing the quest.


All quests in Outriders present players with a chance to drop epic-tier weapons once they have managed to reach World Tier level 2. Additionally, it is extremely important for players to note that if a player dies during a quest then they will lose points from the World Tier progression bar.

However, if the player manages to complete the quest without dying or even quitting the game before they die, the amount of XP earned from the specific round will count towards their World Tier progression. Players should also note that dropped item levels and loot rarity also receive a significant boost with each World Tier upgrade.

Having said that, there are 15 World Tier levels available for players to unlock in Outriders, providing a lot of playable content for players to explore.

Published 06 Apr 2021, 00:29 IST
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