Outriders beginner guide: Top 5 things you need to know before playing the game

Most important things that new players should know about Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
Most important things that new players should know about Outriders (Image via Square Enix)
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Outriders can be a little tricky to get a hang of, especially for new players who do not have prior knowledge about the game.

Ranging from four different classes to a bunch of unique in-game mechanics, Outriders can be pretty confusing as a beginner.

However, once a player starts getting a hang of the game, Outriders can be extremely enjoyable and fun to play.

Top 5 things that beginners need to know about Outriders



The most important thing every player needs to understand about Outriders is the concept of Classes. There are four different classes in the game, with each featuring unique skills and traits.

The classes present in Outriders, along with their preferred combat style, are:

  • Devastator - Ideal for close-range combat
  • Pyromancer - Ideal for mid-range combat
  • Technomancer - Ideal for long-range combat
  • Trickster - Ideal for close-range high-pace combat

Players are advised to try out all of the available classes in Outriders to find the best fit for their playstyle.

Healing factors


Another extremely important element in Outriders is the healing factor involved for every class.

Here's a detailed rundown of healing factors for every class in Outriders.

  • Devastator - Regenerates health by killing enemies with melee attacks
  • Trickster - Regenerates HP and Shield by killing enemies with melee attacks
  • Pyromancer - Regenerates HP whenever an enemy who has been marked by Pyromancer's abilities dies
  • Technomancer - Regenerates HP whenever the character deals damage to enemies

Side Quests


The majority of Outriders involves looting and fighting enemies. The developers have done exceedingly well to provide some stunning weapon designs. To maximise the amount of resources collected to upgrade these weapons, players should play and complete every side quest that comes their way.

Side quests will also allow players to explore the in-game universe of this new title from Square Enix from a deeper perspective. Additionally, side quests in Outriders are highly rewarding, making it even more beneficial for players to spend time on them.

Having a balanced team


Although the Devastator class is definitely the most powerful class for solo queuing in Outriders, players should try and draft a lineup that includes a variety of classes to increase their team's versatility.

This will not only allow players to have a much more balanced approach in their quest but also allow them to implement creative strategies with their lineups.



Each class in Outriders features eight unique skills which can be unlocked by leveling up the respective class.

Here's a list of all the skills available for each class in Outriders, as well as the level at which they are unlocked:


  • Earthquake - Level 1
  • Golem - Level 3
  • Gravity Leap - Level 4
  • Reflect Bullets - Level 6
  • Impale - Level 9
  • Tremor - Level 13
  • Boulderdash - Level 17
  • Endless Mass - Level 22


  • Temporal Blade - Level 1
  • Slow Trap - Level 3
  • Hunt the Prey - Level 4
  • Twisted Rounds - Level 6
  • Cyclone Slice - Level 9
  • Borrowed Time - Level 13
  • Venator's Knife - Level 17
  • Time Rift - Level 22


  • Scrapnel - Level 1
  • Cryo Turret - Level 3
  • Pain Launcher - Level 4
  • Blighted Rounds - Level 6
  • Tool of Destruction - Level 9
  • Fixing Wave - Level 13
  • Cold Snap - Level 17
  • Blighted Turret - Level 22


  • Heatwave - Level 1
  • Feed the Flames - Level 3
  • Thermal Bomb - Level 4
  • Overheat - Level 6
  • Volcanic Rounds - Level 9
  • Ash Blast - Level 13
  • F.A.S.E.R. Beam - Level 17
  • Eruption - Level 22

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