The ultimate farming guide to storm through World Tiers in Outriders

Image via Outriders
Image via Outriders
Jorge A. Aguilar "Aggy"

Outriders has a few great places to level through the World Tiers quickly, but they are in unexpected places.

Outriders is a complicated game to figure out farming in any capacity due to the constant changes. The developers are more concerned with players farming the game and exploiting the glitches than about the game's bugs. Within two weeks, most farming techniques were nerfed by the Outriders' developers.

However, the Outriders developers nerfed several farming methods despite adding a few new bugs. Most farming methods no longer work, so players have to figure out new ways to grind through the game. Luckily, there are three tried and true methods to farm World Tiers that work post-patch.


It would be wise if players used these strategies as quickly as possible because Outriders is due for another set of patches to fix bugs, and the developers may decide to take these measures away as well.

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The best three World Tier farms in Outriders

In First City, there is an objective called "Get to the other side of the river." Weak monsters will swarm the player, but they only give experience during this mission. It is widely used both before and after the nerf to level up the world tier.

The river is not a farm that players can use for multiple purposes. The river is just for giving world tier points and minor loot. Once the minor monsters have been killed, players can go to the lobby and repeat the farming process.


A much more beneficial farm is located at Crystal Point in the Forest Enclave. An NPC named Juno Pascal is located a few feet behind the starting point. Juno Pascal will give the player a quest with great drops and many low-health enemies to kill.

Juno Pascal's quest is best for players who don't like the boring river. Juno Pascal's quest is also better for earning loot alongside World Tier points. Players should be aware that these benefits come with difficulty, and this method won't be as easy as the river.

If players want a change from the river but don't want an increase in difficulty, The Gate has what they need. It won't be as profitable as Juno Pascal's quest, but it is a nice break from the scenery of the river.

After arriving, the players should head towards the stone pillars. The pillar with the red gore webbing type material is a good marker, as going to the right of that pillar will direct the player exactly where they want to go. An NPC named "Wanderer" will give the player an easy quest to gain world tier points.

These enemies look a lot stronger than those in the river, but they're easy to beat. The monsters don't fight well, and they wait for the player to kill them. It's like the game drops difficulty for this farm, so it's well worth the time taken.

These are the three spots in the game where players will receive the most experience points for the least amount of effort. To stay out of trouble, players have to continue leveling up weapons to handle these farms' many enemies. As long as players are ready, these spots will still work after the nerf, and players can farm them immediately.

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