The best ways to farm legendaries in Outriders after the update

Image via People Can Fly/Square Enix
Image via People Can Fly/Square Enix
Amitesh Dhar

The recent Outriders patch notes left the community in a tizzy. Players were disappointed with the fact that farming legendaries was no longer an option. However, that doesn't seem to be the case.

The issue here was the ambiguous wording in the Outriders patch notes. Individuals on YouTube have gone on to figure out ways to still farm for legendaries in the game after the Outriders patch.

What are the best ways to farm for legendaries in Outriders?


Monster hunts in Outriders happen to be the best way to farm legendaries in the game. If done effectively, players can end up receiving two legendaries in an hour. All that players are required to do is first, reduce their World Tier to Level 1, and then restart the Monster Hunt questline.

Once they've done that, players will need to kill the 9 of the 10 monsters at the lowest World Tier. Before encountering the final monster boss, players will need to raise their World Tier to the highest unlocked tier before taking on the final boss. Once the boss has been defeated, players will need to head over to Trench Town and turn in their quests to the bartender who hands out these monster hunts in Outriders.


If done correctly, players will be rewarded with a legendary item along with a lot of other high-quality loot. Although the legendary item may not be of the player's level, it can be easily dismantled for attribute points that are needed to upgrade items for end-game content.


The Historian side quest and the Wanted bounties aren't the best ways to farm for legendaries in Outriders. Although they do offer a similar result, these questlines are longer and hence reduce the entire farming process's speed.

Having said that, once players have restarted their monster hunts in Outriders, it would be wise to try and complete a few accolades as well. Since the World Tier is at Level 1, completing these accolades wouldn't be difficult. It's more like killing two birds with one stone in Outriders.

With the Outriders 1.05 patch finally live, here's to hoping that some of the bugs that have been plaguing the game since launch have been addressed.

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