How to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise

Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (Image from
Capturing monsters in Monster Hunter Rise (Image from

Monster Hunter Rise, Capcom’s new entry to the Monster Hunter series, was released on March 25, 2021. Like other games in the series, hunting monsters is the primary focus of Monster Hunter Rise, and it isn't necessary that players use brute force to do it.

Capturing monsters is pivotal in getting a few exclusive body parts and gems which would otherwise not be attainable. Capturing monsters also grants the players more items compared to killing a monster.

Also, a few quests in Monster Hunter Rise require players to specifically capture the monster.

The preparation for hunting a monster in Monster Hunter Rise

The hunters will have to bring specific items into the hunt with them to capture a monster. The required items list comprises of a Pitfall Trap, a Shock Trap, and as many Tranq Bombs as a hunter can carry.

Hunters who utilize long-range weapons should also bring Tranq Ammo if they are available.

To create shock traps, players will require a thunderbug and a trap tool. In order to create pitfall traps, players will require a net and a trap tool. Pitfall traps need an extra step to be made since nets also have to be crafted combining ivy and a web.

When players procure these materials, they should know that trap tools can be bought from Kagero in the village or Maido in the hub. Rondine also eventually offers nets available for purchase, making the process of crafting pitfall traps less tedious.


The method of capturing a monster in Monster Hunter Rise

The hunters will have to approach the fight like any other until the monster is weakened. This is visually indicated as the monster limps or gasps for air and runs off to other parts of the map.

Now that the monster is weakened, it just needs to be trapped and tranquilized. The trap needs to be placed onto the field so that the monster can walk into the trap to activate it. The monster will stay incapacitated for a brief period of time. Players must use this window of opportunity to tranquilize the monster.

Sedated monster
Sedated monster

Players need to throw Tranq Bombs (hold LZ to aim) or shoot the incapacitated monster with Tranq Ammo if the hunter has a ranged weapon. The number of tranquilizers needed will vary from monster to monster.

Once the monster is put to sleep with tranquilizers, the hunt will end in Monster Hunter Rise. The captured monster will then be sent to Kamura village.

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