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Monster Hunter Rise ships 4 million copies globally

Monster Hunter Rise ships 4 million copies globally in its first weekend. Image from
Monster Hunter Rise ships 4 million copies globally in its first weekend. Image from
Modified 29 Mar 2021

Monster Hunter Rise, the latest installment in Capcom’s long-running Monster Hunter series, has shipped 4 million copies worldwide in its first weekend, the publisher announced in its press release.

Monster Hunter Rise has been released to only Nintendo Switch thus far, with its PC release slated for early 2022. So the significance of the quantity of ‘shipped’ units is that much more.

For those uninitiated, Monster Hunter Rise is all about killing or capturing giant, epic monsters and crafting progressively better gear from them, this time with an awesome feudal Japanese backdrop. Each hunt is an epic boss fight against a specific monster or two. The monsters are all very distinct and unique in terms of their visual appearance and gameplay behavior. Succeeding in hunts like these require both strategic preparation and skill. There are 14 very unique weapon classes that further diversify the gameplay.

Monster Hunter Rise ships 4 million copies worldwide

For comparison, in a similar timeframe, MH Rise’s predecessor, Monster Hunter World shipped 5 million copies worldwide, which was released for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January 2018.

Although Capcom’s ‘shipped’ figures are not the same as the ‘sold’ figure. The shipped figures denote the number of both physical and digital units that have been sold to retailers. But the sold figure would not be much different since there is not a lot of stock sitting on shelves anywhere in the world. Particularly in Asia, Monster Hunter Rise has been sold out almost everywhere.


By all means, Monster Hunter Rise’s release has gone very well both in terms of sales numbers and reviews. The title now sits at 8:07 in terms of Metacritic rating.

As stated by Capcom themselves in their official website, they are working on an Update 2.0 which is going to further its current creature roster by adding Chameleos, among others, towards the end of April.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is available to play on Steam.

Published 29 Mar 2021, 21:04 IST
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