How to catch Gligar in Pokemon GO

Image via The Pokemon Company
Image via The Pokemon Company
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Gligar is one of hundreds of Pokemon within Pokemon GO that trainers can add to their collection.

Gligar is, surprisingly, a Ground/Flying-type Pokemon. It can access a variety of Poison-type moves, but does not have the Poison-type declaration.

In Pokemon GO, Gligar can be a very useful Pokemon in battle with its capabilities. Trainers will want to be on the lookout for this bat-like creature in the mobile game.

How to catch Gligar in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic/Disney Gamer(Twitter)
Image via Niantic/Disney Gamer(Twitter)

Catching Gligar in Pokemon GO takes a pretty similar path when compared to catching other Pokemon. Trainers just need to be on the move and stay vigilant when it comes to their journey.

First and foremost, if you are stuck at home and cannot venture out, get your hands on an Incense. Use it and it will draw wild Pokemon to you without any sort of moving about. Gligar could be one of those.

If you are going to be at a location which happens to be PokeStop for a while, inserting a Lure Module and using an Incense will draw a ton of Pokemon GO creatures to that area while the items are active.

These will help the chance of catching Gligar in the wild, where it can be found most often. Of course, Raids and Field Research Task rewards involving Pokemon encounters can change, meaning check the Raids in your area for a Gligar.

Currently in April 2021, Gligar is appearing as the Egg Hatching Field Research task reward. If the task "Hatch an Egg" appears with a Pokemon GO encounter as the reward for completing it, that encounter will be with Gligar.

Gligar's Shiny version is also available in Pokemon GO. Once caught and 100 Candy are gathered, Gligar can be evolved into Gliscor. A Sinnoh Stone is also required for that evolution to take place.

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