Should you catch every Pokemon you see in Pokemon GO?

A Pokeball in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
A Pokeball in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
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Ultimately, the main premise of the incredibly popular Pokemon GO is for players to catch the Pocket Monster they encounter.

Considering that one of the most used slogans of The Pokemon Company franchise is, "Gotta Catch 'Em All!", it's understandable that players of the mobile game are curious whether they should take this advice to heart.

After all, on some days, trainers in GO will continuously see the same Pokemon pop up around them and it may get boring to repeatedly catch the same mons over and over again.

Thus the question - should players catch every single Pokemon they encounter in the game, or are some better left living in the wild?

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Should players catch every Pokemon they see in Pokemon GO?

The Pokemon GO screen shortly after catching a common Pocket Monster, Weedle. (Image via Niantic)
The Pokemon GO screen shortly after catching a common Pocket Monster, Weedle. (Image via Niantic)

A trainer has been playing Pokemon GO for a couple hours now. They've even activated an incense, and yet it seems the only Pocket Monsters being drawn to their location are an abundance of common Weedles, Pidgeys and the like.

So should a player keep catching the same mons over and over or not? Ultimately, the answer to this question comes down to how many pokeballs a trainer has access to.

The only time a Pokemon GO player should pass up the opportunity at catching a Pocket Monster is if they have a limited amount of pokeballs stocked up. This is because one might wish to conserve their catching devices and only use them on rarer or higher CP Pokemon they encounter.

Now, if a player has a ton of pokeballs saved up or they purchase these items in the store, the answer is yes - catch them all! It's pretty straightforward why: trainers in Pokemon GO earn a variety of valuable things for each catch. This includes Stardust, Experience points, and Candy that is used to evolve/power up that particular species of Pocket Monster.

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