How to catch Groudon in Pokemon GO

Image Via Pokemon GO
Image Via Pokemon GO

Groudon is one of the more powerful and CP heavy Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It can dish out a lot of damage, but players need to catch it first.

In Pokemon, Groudon is a Legendary from Generation III, along with others like Kyogre and Rayquaza. That means randomly finding a Groudon in the wild isn't really an option. Instead, players must complete a raid against Groudon for the chance of catching it in Pokemon GO.

Five-star raids are the only ones that will contain a Groudon. When a Groudon raid is completed, some PokeBalls will be supplied based on performance, and a catch attempt can be made.

The Hoenn Celebration Event recently came to a close, which was another great opportunity to catch a Groudon in a raid. While that event may be over, plenty of events that feature Groudon in Pokemon GO are likely to come back.

How to successfully beat a Groudon in a Pokemon GO raid


The process of catching a Groudon is fairly simple on paper, but players still need to actually defeat the Ground-type Legendary. Groudon is only part of five-star raids that means that the fight takes a lot of power from Pokemon. It's not a battle that players can do on their own.

Six players are likely the minimum that a team would need to take out a Groudon. That number fluctuates based on the trainers' level and the CP of their Pokemon. But six is a fair number to go on for the best results.

When choosing their Pokemon GO raid team, players should also be mindful of the type matches they have. The best idea is to look for the strongest Grass-type of Water-type Pokemon available.

Players can also utilize Pokemon with a Grass or Water-type move if they are a higher CP option.

Once Groudon is taken down, it's time to use the Premier PokeBalls to catch it in Pokemon GO. It's certainly possible to lose the Groudon and walk away with nothing, so players need to throw their best in the scenario.

The best bet is to use a Razzberry to increase catch chance or a Nanaberry to make throws easier. Curveballs and excellent throws will also ensure that Groudon has a higher chance of being caught.

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