How to beat Kyogre in Pokemon GO

Image Via Pokemon Database
Image Via Pokemon Database
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Pokemon GO will be running the Hoenn Celebration event this week, and that means Kyogre will be available to take down in raids. With the right Pokemon, the Legendary is possible to take down.

Kyogre is a pure Water-type Pokemon, which makes battling and raiding against it much simpler. The type means that players prioritize Electric and Grass-type Pokemon when choosing their teams for the battle.

Those types will do effective damage against other Water-types, and Kyogre included. Pokemon with a neutral type, as well as Electric and Grass moves, can also be used to apply some massive damage.

Some of the best picks include Zekrom, Zapdos, Raikou, Electivire, and Tangrowth. There are far more Pokemon picks that players can use and still be effective, but those are some of the best options for the fastest outcome in a raid.

CP also affects how the raid or the team operates. Zapdos might be a great pick, but if it is a low CP with bad stats, a different Electric choice may be a better option. Especially with a lot more CP.

Kyogre in the raid will be sitting at a hefty 54,411 CP, which is not easy to take down. Players will likely need at least six players to beat Kyogre effectively, and level will also affect that.

Pokemon GO Hoenn Celebration event and legendary raids


Kyogre is featured in raids right now because of the Hoenn Celebration event in Pokemon GO. Every generation has been getting its own celebration week ever since Generation VI was released in the game. From there, the celebrations are supposed to go all the way down to a major Kanto Celebration event in February.

For the Pokemon GO Hoenn event, Kyogre is accompanied by Groudon in the raids. A research task is out for players who defeat them enough, and awards such as an encounter and candies will be given to players.

There is yet another Collection Challenge based on the Hoenn region Pokemon on top of the Pokemon GO raid events. So far, it appears to be the easiest of the bunch as there are no evolutions or shadow Pokemon involved in the mix. If players collect all nine in the collection, they will be given an elite collector badge.

After Hoenn, Johto will be released next week for its own Celebration event in Pokemon GO, where players can continue to complete more challenges.

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