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How to catch Kangaskhan in Pokemon GO

Kangaskhan is a part of the raid collection section of the Pokemon GO tour (Image via Pokemon)
Kangaskhan is a part of the raid collection section of the Pokemon GO tour (Image via Pokemon)
Modified 23 Feb 2021

Kangaskhan is one of the more elusive Pokemon from the Kanto region in Pokemon GO.

With the addition of the Kanto tour event to the game, Kangaskhan is one of the collection requirements, and players need to catch one before time runs out.

Unlike many other Pokemon in Pokemon GO, Kangaskhan cannot be caught by simply walking around and hoping for the best. Instead, it is a part of the raid collection section of the Pokemon GO tour. There are a total of eight Pokemon to collect in that section, and they are only available through the completion of a raid.

Players should look for three-star raids in order to battle Kangaskhan. When looking for three-star raids, players should remember that the Pokemon that pop out of eggs are randomized. As a result, they will have to hope that a three-star egg ends up being Khangaskhan.

How to defeat Kangaskhan in a raid battle in Pokemon GO

Kangaskhan isn't very powerful and is only available in three-star raids, which means it's nowhere near the scale of a legendary battle.

The base CP for Kangaskhan in raid battles is about 15,000. It's not generally a battle that players can do solo. However, having just one other trainer with some decent Pokemon can guarantee a win.


The best counters to use in the battle will be Fighting-type Pokemon, such as Blaziken or Machamp, which will dish out a ton of damage. A good set of counters will take down Kangaskhan fast, and utilizing dodges with charged attacks will net the best results.

Of course, after the raid, players still need to catch the Pokemon with Premier balls. Throwing curve balls, with some berries in the mix, will offer the best results for catching it.

Kangaskhan will be one of the easier aspects of the raid collection for anyone who bought a Kanto Tour ticket in Pokemon GO. There are eight Pokemon in total, and half of them require three-star raid battles.

The other half require legendary raids. This includes the three legendary birds and Mewtwo. Those battles will require at least 4 decent trainers to pull off.

During the official Kanto Tour event day, raid passes were given out on the hour for the amount of raid completions needed. Players still have a week to finish the collection, but passes and Pokemon won't be as plentiful.

Published 23 Feb 2021, 06:42 IST
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