How to catch Zapdos in Pokemon GO

The Strong Legs Pokemon is back (Image via The Pokemon Company)
The Strong Legs Pokemon is back (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon GO is always adding new content, but the game also loves to bring something from the franchise's past to the forefront. As the game enters its sixth anniversary, it brings three of its most beloved creatures back into the fold.

For the sixth anniversary event, Niantic's beloved mobile hit has reintroduced the three legendary birds from generation one. The original trio of powerful Pokemon have been absent from the game for some time. Each of the three, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, gets their own week in the spotlight.

Players can get Zapdos for one week in Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO players will be thrilled to see Zapdos reappear in the game from July 7-14. During that brief window, players will need to throw down in the five-star raids to capture the powerful Kanto region Pokemon.

Zapdos will be the star attraction of the five-star raids this week, before disappearing once again. Players must keep an eye on the raids to prepare for the powerful bird.

Raid rotations begin at 10:00 AM local time, and Zapdos is the primary force at the five-star level. Players shouldn't have trouble running across the legendary electric Pokemon if they frequent these raids.

Zapdos will also be present in the weekly Hour Raid event. Players can jump in on Wednesday, July 13 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time to battle Zapdos as a team.

Like most five-star raids, it'll be a tough encounter for most trainers. Zapdos presents a challenge to those who hope to take on the raid, but there are a few ways to make it more plausible.

How to beat Zapdos in Pokemon GO

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Zapdos likely won't be the most challenging foe hardcore players have faced, but it's no easy encounter either. A group of four or five is the bare minimum players should expect to bring into this five-star raid. Those with greater hopes of success should shoot for a group of seven or eight, which should assure victory.

When it comes to fighting Zapdos, players will need some strong counter picks. Zapdos is a strong competitor, but its weaknesses are clear and a skilled trainer can exploit them.

Zapdos's defense stat is only slightly above average, making it far from a tank. It's capable of dealing a great deal of damage very quickly, but remains susceptible to a comprehensive beating.

Rhyperior is one of the best possible counter picks for Zapdos. It's a rock-type Pokemon that can resist all of Zapdos's electric and flying attacks. Its rock-type attacks will also cut through the powerful bird quickly.

Mamoswine is another great option due to its substantial defense stats. It can also deal ice damage, which can blast through Zapdos's defenses easily.

Zapdos will only be around for a week, so Pokemon GO players should move fast to capture the original legendary creature.

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