How to change mouse controls in Lost Ark

Mouse forms an essential part of Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Mouse forms an essential part of Lost Ark (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Lost Ark is in its early access for all the founder's pack owners, and one of the cool features of the game is the way it uses the mouse.

The MMORPG hit is finally coming to the western shores after having existed in South Korea since 2019. Over the years, the game has built a solid foundation and has won several awards. Developed jointly by Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studios, the game was launched in the Americas and Europe by Amazon Games.


The mouse plays a vital role in the game designed and made for PC users. The ideal set of controls uses both the keyboard and the mouse.

The default layout is quite handy, but players often need to change the control scheme to suit their playstyles. It becomes even more critical for a game like Lost Ark with PVE and PVP.

Changing the mouse control in Lost Ark is extremely easy

At the start of the game, players are shown the default layout. The layout shows the keybindings of both keyboards and the mouse. But many players tend to rush through the tutorials. Many players also have advanced gaming mice that come with multiple buttons.

Whichever the case, Lost Ark offers utmost freedom to all its players to remap their controls based on their choice. Changing the controls is highly mainstream and easy to do.

Step by Step process to change mouse controls in Lost Ark

Step 1: Load the game.

Step 2: Once within the game, press the escape button on the keyboard.

Step 3: A window will appear that displays the player's character along with a host of other options.


Step 4: Select settings from the available options.

Step 5: The player will need to select Hotkeys among the available options.

Step 6: From there, the basic controls open up the keybindings.

Step 7: The player can now make the changes as necessary. If the player chooses an existing key and binds it to a new role, the previous role will need a new key.

Certain games in recent times have been criticized for the lack of ample flexibility when it comes to control mappings. But that's not the case with Ark, and players can map the controls as they seem fit.

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