How to claim Twitch Drops in New World

Image Via Amazon Game Studios
Image Via Amazon Game Studios

New World is currently available to play for anyone that has access to the beta test which starts on July 20, and for some extra loot, players can claim Twitch drops throughout the duration of the two-week beta.

Like almost any other game that has Twitch drops, players will need to tune in to Twitch streams in order to receive drops in New World. There are rewards that players can earn through Amazon Prime on Twitch, but players should not confuse drops for the same thing. Prime gaming rewards can be claimed at any time with linked accounts and a Prime subscription.

Twitch drops for games like New World also require a linked account, but the rewards or drops must be earned. More specifically, players need to watch one hour of any New World stream. However, the streamer has to have New World drops enabled on their stream or else the progress will not be tracked.

Before looking for a stream to watch, New World players should make sure their game accounts, such as a Steam account, are linked to Twitch. Otherwise, the watch time will go to waste and the hour will have to be done again later on.

The drops themselves will be available throughout the duration of the beta test, which will end August 2, 2021. However, players won't be able to use the reward until the official launch of New World.

New World Twitch gear drop and how to enter the beta

Though the date has been pushed back before, the release for New World is slated to be August 31, or nearly a month after the beta. Players won't be able to use the Twitch drop loot until the official release date. When the release date does roll around, players will be able to equip an apparel skin called Golden Rage. The armor looks like molten gold that cooled down around dragon teeth.

As for entering the New World beta itself, there are a couple of methods. One is free but not guaranteed to let all players in. There is an option to sign up as a tester on the New World website and wait for conformation.

For instant access, players can pre-order any edition of the game. On Amazon, there may be a delay in the beta invite for up to two days. But on Steam, players will receive instant access to the New World beta test.

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