How to claim this week's (September 08) free Epic Games Store titles? Hundred Days and more are up for grabs

There are two new content that players can redeem this week (Images via Epic Games Store)
There are two new content that players can redeem this week (Images via Epic Games Store)

The Epic Games Store has a unique offering this week as part of its weekly ritual, meaning players can add more games to their library. The digital gaming store has become famous for offering premium titles to users at no additional cost. Not only do these offerings include games, but Epic also includes downloadable content and more.

For the second week of September, the store is offering Hundred Days, which is incidentally a winemaking simulator. This makes it one of the most unique video games to have been offered and will allow it to shine in a list that contains some heavyweights like Borderlands 3.


The Epic Games Store has quickly become famous in the PC games market. It has become a competitor to Steam but has been criticized by some for certain practices.

Nevertheless, those with tight wallets can quickly create an account to access some brilliant titles and additional content at no extra cost. To enjoy the offerings, all a user will need to do is redeem them during the valid period.

Players can add some goodies to their Epic Games Store account this week


When Hi-Rez launched Realm Royale, its hype died soon after, and it couldn't compete with the likes of Fortnite. The developers have decided to try it and made changes to improve the previous version. Players can play using their Epic Games Store account to get the Epic Launch Bundle, which has plenty of extra items to make matters even better.

Additionally, there's a standalone game on offer, and it's pretty different from the usual stuff. Players can try their hands at the wine business with Hundred Days - Winemaking Simulator. The game perfectly captures the essence and nitty-gritty of producing and selling wine to do a profitable business.

Players can also pick up a couple of brilliant DLCs that are available on the Epic Games Store. The Grape Lab DLC, in particular, is a fantastic content addition available for free to all the players. Overall, the current week's offerings will keep them on their toes as they think about their business.

How to collect and install the free games


The most essential thing players will have to do is access their Epic Games Store account. They can do this via any standard browser like Google Chrome, or the Windows application can also be used.

They must then must scroll down a bit on the home screen, where the free offerings section can be found. Not only does it show what's available for free in the current week, but it also displays the upcoming content.

Alternatively, players can search directly for the content using the search bar. All they will be required to enter is the name of the game or downloadable content they're looking to add. Once done, players will have to proceed to the game's main page containing its description.

On the same page, they will need to press "get," which will then take them to another page. Usually, players have to pick their payment method at this step, but due to the offer, they won't have to pay anything. Once they confirm this step, the content will be added to their Epic Games Store library.

Players can then download and install the content from their library. All the content will be added permanently and will stay in the library forever. However, they must redeem all the desired content by September 15 before they're taken off the shelves.

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