How to complete Fire Emblem Engage Paralogue - Mysterious Merchant? Characters, rewards, and more explained

Easy walkthrough for the Paralogue Mysterious Merchant side mission in Fire Emblem Engage (Image via Mephilia/ You Tube)
Easy walkthrough for the Paralogue Mysterious Merchant side mission in Fire Emblem Engage (Image via Mephilia/ You Tube)

Paralogues are a bunch of side-missions within each Chapter offered by Fire Emblem Engage, beginning from the sixth one. Among them, Mysterious Merchant can be found in Chapter 7.


Completing this particular side mission unlocks a brand new recruitable character. Players need to be careful, however, as completing this quest can often prove to be tricky for some. Fortunately, this article will talk about how to easily finish Paralogue - Mysterious Merchant.

Fire Emblem Engage The Paralogue - Mysterious Merchant: Guide to completing mission and more


Mission Objective: Defeat Mitan

When this mission can be undertaken in the storyline, you will have access to all four Emblem rings. So, it would be wise to equip them all. It is recommended to bring at least one healer and a character with Michiah's Emblem Ring or Celica's Emblem Ring with Warp Ragnarok for quick movement.

Alternatively, you could use a mounted unit or someone who has inherited skills from Sigurd to quickly reach the map's center and protect Anna from enemies.

Fire Emblem Engage: The Paralogue - Mysterious Merchant battle walkthrough


During the opening cutscenes, you should have noticed that Anna is hiding in the middle treasure chest in the map's center. While the two thieves will initially head for the outer chests, they will eventually make their way to the one the aforementioned character is in.

To protect Anna, you should fight foes while keeping an eye on their movements and how close they get to the middle chest. Using Warp Ragnarok or Warp/Rescue staves can be helpful in this situation. One notable enemy is a thief located just north of your starting position next to an opening. This foe will not move, and defeating him will reward you with additional gold.


After you have cleared the center of all hostiles, obtained all the other chests, and positioned Alear close by, you should open the middle chest containing Anna. The character will immediately run for the door, and you'll need Alear to be the one to speak with the entity to recruit her. Once you have got Anna to join your party, you should proceed to the bandit leader's chamber.

Mitan is the head of the Mysterious Merchants in Fire Emblem Engage. Be mindful of this foe's use of axes and the presence of other enemies with the same weapon, as they may pose a threat to Lance users. Additionally, keep in mind that when Mitan's health reaches zero, she will fully revive herself, so be prepared for a second health bar. The battle will end when she is defeated, so if desired, focus on her as soon as Anna joins your party.

The Paralogue - Mysterious Merchant mission rewards


The main objective of this Fire Emblem Engage mission is to recruit Anna, but you can also obtain a Master Seal and a Strength Tonic from the other two chests. The Paralogue - Mysterious Merchant is also an opportunity to learn about class changes and promoting units.

The Fire Emblem Engage mission also rewards you with 2,000 gold. After the battle, you can find Iron Ingots x140 and Steel Ingots x4 scattered around the map, along with the usual Bond Fragments. This wraps up this Mysterious Merchant side-mission walkthrough.

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