How to complete Una’s Tasks in Lost Ark

Lost Ark offers a massive quest list (Image via Smilegate RPG)
Lost Ark offers a massive quest list (Image via Smilegate RPG)

Lost Ark's endgame holds plenty of content to keep players in-game long after they've reached the level cap. Like most live-service MMORPGs of this scale, the game features a robust daily and weekly quest system.

Una's Tasks are constantly refreshing assignments that offer a ton of gold for very little time investment. Once players reach the level cap, it's a great way to continue unlocking new items and improving equipment.

Completing Una's Tasks in Lost Ark

Completing one of Una's Tasks is simple, as it requires pressing the Complete button in the menu. Just select the task from the Adventure menu, do what it asks, then navigate to it again to complete it and receive the reward.

The quests available in the game's daily and weekly systems obviously vary a great deal. Daily quests are usually simple; they involve killing a handful of a specific enemy or gathering a few of a specific item. The weekly quests revolve mainly around other endgame activities, like collecting rare items while sailing.

Chaos Dungeons, boss fights, Guardian raids, and many more activities can be part of Lost Ark's weekly quests. Players can earn massive rewards in gold, reputation, and experience through these tasks.

Incomplete tasks in Lost Ark

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Logging into the game every day to reap these rewards might feel like a great commitment, but there are other ways to get them done. If players miss daily challenges, the game will make up for it by granting double rewards for the following day.

Weekly challenges do not offer the same deal, so dedicated players should drop by to get those done each week. They're more time-consuming and difficult, but the rewards will be substantially higher.

If players encounter a daily task they simply can't be bothered with, the game's cash shop offers a way to skip it and claim the reward. Buy Una's Task Instant Complete Ticket to instantly bypass a daily task.

This method can be used up to the daily limit to claim all of the rewards. The Platinum Founder's Pack comes with ten that players can use to complete three days worth of tasks with ease.

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