How to complete the Water Harp puzzle in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Water Harp
Remnant 2 Water Harp puzzle guide

While Remnant 2 is essentially a straightforward game, you will occasionally come across some tricky puzzles in the title now and then, like the Water Harp. Although the puzzle might seem easy on the surface, there is more to it than what meets the eye, and there are many in the community who are having a fair bit of trouble solving it.

You will encounter the puzzle after you have made your way to the Forbidden Grove in Yaesha. Upon solving it, you will be able to enter the Ravager’s Lair dungeon. The dungeon is a part of the Corrupted Ravager quest line, so the puzzle will only appear after you have previously beaten the boss.

This Remnant 2 guide will go over how you can complete the Water Harp puzzle to enter the Ravager’s Lair dungeon.

Completing the Water Harp puzzle in Remnant 2


To complete the Water Harp puzzle in Remnant 2, you will be required to first power the puzzle. To do so:

  • Reach Yaesha, then make your way up the steps to the Faithless Thicket, and then continue to the Twisted Chantry dungeon.
  • You will eventually meet Bedel and, after speaking to him, make your way down the pathway till you reach the doorway that travels back to the Forbidden Grove.
  • This area is on the opposite side of the temple, where you will find the gear dive. Upon activating the device, it will power up the puzzle wheel, allowing you to solve it.

You will now have to read the notebook, which contains the hints to solve the puzzle. The book is located in the same room as that of The Lost Temple World Stone. The notebook itself contains references to the Corrupted Ravager that you will need to beat to unlock the Water Harp puzzle along with hints to solving it.

Hence, after you have activated it, the solution will be to align the pegs on the music box to replicate the tone that is being played a bit far away from the puzzle location.

Here is the exact peg order you will need to achieve to solve the puzzle in Remnant 2:

Row 1

  • Peg 5

Row 2

  • Skip

Row 3

  • Peg 4

Row 4

  • Skip

Row 5

  • Peg 3

Row 6

  • Peg 4

Row 7

  • Peg 1

Row 8

  • Skip

After completing the puzzle, you will then get to enter the Ravager’s Lair Dungeon, where you will get the option to either kill or spare The Doe after talking to Root-corrupted Ginat Wolf. Depending on your choice, you will get to obtain the Ravager’s Mask in Remnant 2.