How to crash a satellite in COD Warzone and claim rewards

Crashed satellites in Warzone Season 4/ Image via Twitter@BattleRoyaleCoD
Crashed satellites in Warzone Season 4/ Image via Twitter@BattleRoyaleCoD

Season 4 has arrived in COD Warzone, bringing a ton of content to Verdansk. There are new points of interest which include satellite crash sites and uplink stations. A favorite hot drop from Season 3, Nakatomi Plaza, has been renamed Downtown Tower. The loot inside the building has also been mixed up.

Players will also have a chance to earn a lot of rewards with this new content drop. The new event, Ground Fall, is now live in the game. Completing this event will help players earn emblems, calling cards, XP, and an exclusive epic secondary weapon blueprint.

To earn these rewards, players have to complete challenges, and some involve new POIs in Warzone. Players need to find the crashed satellites, but they do not appear marked on the map. Players can find them at the locations given below:

  • Kronvik Farmland
  • Bloc 18
  • Bloc 16
  • Gora Bridge

Other players will also be scouting locations for crashed satellites, so it will be best to stay alert of one's surroundings. Eliminating 10 players near satellites or uplink stations will count towards the challenges. Another challenge is to pick up rewards from satellites after crashing them. However, to crash a satellite, players need to find an uplink station.

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How to crash a satellite in Warzone

Uplink stations are hard to find, and the spawns seem random in Warzone. However, to complete this challenge it is absolutely necessary for players to find one and secure it.

Once players find an uplink station, a secure sign will pop up on the screen. As soon as the securing process is over, players will see a message saying "Satellite Crash Imminent."

Players will find a satellite crash near the uplink they secured. If not, they can simply locate it on the map. Players can then claim the reward from the crashed satellite. They need to collect three such rewards to complete the challenge.

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