How to defeat Splittooth in Outriders

Players can find Splittooth in the Forest Enclave area on the Outriders map (Image via Square Enix)
Players can find Splittooth in the Forest Enclave area on the Outriders map (Image via Square Enix)
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Splittooth is one of the bosses that Outriders players can face in the Hunter Quests. The side quests send players to track down and kill larger monsters around the world of Enoch.

Players can find Splittooth in the Forest Enclave area on the Outriders map. The quest to fight Splittooth is recommended for players that are level 17 or above. However, players cannot start the quest whenever they want. For the Hunter Quest to be available, the Chrysaloid needs to be killed in the main quest labeled as the Asylum.

Once players pick up the quest to kill the Splittooth in Outriders, it's time to fast-travel to the Forest Enclave. Specifically, the sub-location is at the Collapsed Arch Pass. In that location, players will see a set of bones to interact with, similar to other quests in the game. The interaction will start the Hunter Quest for Splittooth.

Tips on how to take down Splittooth in Outriders


Splittooth isn't as tough as the Chrysaloid. The arena is smaller, and there aren't as many mechanics to worry about. There will also be only one stage of the fight, considering Splittooth is only a part of a side quest.

When the fight begins, it will run like most other bounty or hunt quests. Splittooth will appear to fight the player, and some adds will spawn around the area. This includes enemies like the Strix, which are massive dragonflies that can deal poison damage. Adds themselves will be a problem in the fight, especially with poison projectiles flying.

In those cases, cover is a player's best friend, but there isn't much in the area. It's best to evade attacks as much as possible and take out the Strix quickly. If a poison attack lands, a healing ability that can get rid of bad status effects will be a major help. It's one of the reasons the Technomancer is so good within solo Outriders.

As for the Splitooth itself, there are only two major attacks to watch out for. One is a sweep that happens when Splittooth gets close. Players can simply evade this. The other is the Obliterating Beam which can hit hard, but players can use cover such as a tree trunk to block the attack. Players should wait for the beam to finish before attacking again and finding an opening.

Once the quest is over, Outriders can turn the quest into Noah, who is found in Trench Town.

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