How to destroy Nest Nodes in Back 4 Blood

Take out the Nest Nodes in Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
Take out the Nest Nodes in Back 4 Blood (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)

As players progress through missions in Back 4 Blood, one of the recurring objectives is to destroy Nest Nodes. They need to be taken out if players want to make it any further, and there is sure to be some resistance.

Nest Nodes are easily identified in Back 4 Blood by the tentacle design that they have. Players will run into them, and a trail of tendrils can be followed that are red and fleshy in color. The further they follow the tendrils, the closer users will get to the Nest Node itself.

Once they get far enough along the path of fleshy tentacles, a new objective needs to be completed before the Nest Nodes can be destroyed. There will be a mass of flesh that the tendrils connect to, which has three brightly colored balls. They are yellow and reddish and can be destroyed simply by being shot.

Each ball must separately be shot, and upon popping, a horde of Ridden enemies will come running out. When that horde is wiped out, simply hit the next ball on the Nest Node, rinse and repeat.

After all three balls are destroyed, players can move on from the area. It will take a total of three separate hordes, but the process shouldn't take up too much time.

With that part completed, gamers will continue to follow the tendrils that will lead to the primary Nest Node in Back 4 Blood.

Destroy the main Nest Node in Back 4 Blood


As players follow the same fleshy tendrils they started with, they will eventually reach the massive Nest Node that must be destroyed. However, this time, the target is much larger.

On the Nest Node, sections will be colored the same as previous yellow balls in Back 4 Blood. They are clearly visible and indicate that they also take damage when shot.

If ammo is an issue, users can also hit the Nest Node area with a melee attack which works just as well, but some will still need to be shot by the end.

After all of the aspects of the Nest Nodes are completed, gamers may still need to look out for another wave of Ridden. It always helps to be prepared before entering these horde fights, especially when it comes to ammo in Back 4 Blood.

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