How to eliminate the Hag in Back 4 Blood

Sneak past or fight the Hag in Back 4 Blood. (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)
Sneak past or fight the Hag in Back 4 Blood. (Image via Turtle Rock Studios)

Along with the normal Ridden, Back 4 Blood has plenty of enemies to worry about such as the Hag. These creatures are called Special Ridden, and the Hag will absolutely give cleaners a run for their money.

Special Ridden are different in that they have mutations. Any Ridden that goes through a mutation process gains powerful abilities that can quickly take down player cleaners. The rate at which a Special Ridden like the Hag spawns is much lower than common enemies due to the power that they possess.

How can players deal with the Hag?

The Hag (image via Turtle Rock Studios)
The Hag (image via Turtle Rock Studios)

What makes the Hag and other specials powerful, though, is what also gives them unique weaknesses. Each Special Ridden has its own vulnerabilities to take advantage of.

For the Hag in Back 4 Blood, players need to pay attention to the back of the boss. Staying in its vision won't be of much use here.

Most shots will inflict damage to some degree, but pouring as much ammo as possible into random areas won't be very effective. Instead, players should look for the cuts and rashes that go across the Hag's back.

They stand out as massive wounds, and targeting them delivers a great deal of damage onto the Hag.

Using one player to kite the Hag while others shoot the back will ensure that the boss goes down without too many problems. But there is certainly more to know about the Hag before taking it on in Back 4 Blood.

How does the Hag act in Back 4 Blood?


The previous section covered the Hag's weaknesses in Back 4 Blood, but that's not all there is to know. It's even possible to skip the boss entirely if players don't want to deal with extra danger at the time.

Much like the Witch from the Left 4 Dead games, the Hag will only attack if approached. Both of these bosses keep to themselves unless players get too close and initiate a fight. As long as they stay out of range, it's possible to sneak around and move on to the next section.

Once the fight with the Hag begins, there are still some moves to look out for in Back 4 Blood. Typically, it will charge one player and attempt to eat them. Having a stun gun can prevent the grab, but if one isn't available, other cleaners need to take it down. Make sure to eliminate the Hag before it digs away from the area.

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