How to download Halo Infinite multiplayer on PC

Download Halo Infinite for free on PC. (Image via Xbox)
Download Halo Infinite for free on PC. (Image via Xbox)

Halo Infinite multiplayer is available on PC as a brand new Halo launch for the first time ever. On top of a new Halo coming to the PC platform, the multiplayer is also entirely free to play, unless players want cosmetics. That leaves the game open for anyone to download.

The Halo Master Chief Collection was available on PC as well, but the games that were included happened to be all Xbox exclusives when they were initially launched. Now, PC players will have a couple different ways to download the new Halo Infinite, free of charge. The process itself is easy and there's really only one major step that could be an obstacle.

The methods for downloading Halo Infinite multiplayer on PC

There are two separate ways that players can download Halo Infinite on PC. One way is to use the Microsoft store and the Xbox app to get the download from its source. The other method is to use Steam as a third party platform, but both methods will be explained below.

Considering most players on PC already have Steam, it's likely the platform that is used the most often to download Halo Infinite on PC. In that case, players can start there and open up their own Steam apps. Simply look for Halo Infinite in the store and select the free beta version of the game. This will add the title to a user's Steam Library.

From there, players can head back to their Steam library, and download Halo Infinite. However, as players load up the game, they will need to sign into a Microsoft account in order to play. This makes Microsoft a necessary part of the download process, regardless of the platform that players choose on PC.

Downloading Halo Infinite multiplayer through the Microsoft Store and Xbox App

The second way to download Halo Infinite is through the company behind Xbox itself. There is a Microsoft store that players can look for in their Windows search bar. The Xbox app can be downloaded through the store, which is also a free download.

Within the Xbox app, there is a free option for Halo Infinite that players can select, even beyond the campaign aspect. This option will be labeled with the beta and has a 'Get' button that needs to be selected twice. At this point, Halo Infinite is ready to download and use through the Xbox app.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider
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