How Dr Disrespect's loss became the entire gaming community's gain

(Image Credit: Dr Disrespect/YouTube)
(Image Credit: Dr Disrespect/YouTube)
Daniel Wenerowicz

Dr Disrespect was banned on Twitch back in June and to this day, the gaming community still has no confirmation on why the ban happened. Since then, all kinds of theories have circulated about the reason behind the ban, and people are still curious as to why one of the biggest names on Twitch was permanently banned.

Rather than wait for answers or provide context, a few people in the gaming community claimed that they knew details about the situation as a way to chase clout. While the community was not happy with this, these individuals still got a lot of unearned attention.

Dr Disrespect's ban and clout-chasing

The most obvious example of the clout-chasing using Dr Disrespect's ban was when Slasher posted a tweet claiming that he knew the reason behind the ban. He alleged that it was pretty serious but provided no real information.

It isn't necessarily bad to keep information about a sensitive topic hidden until there are official announcements. However, the issue is when people claim that they know information as a way to garner a ton of attention, views or tweets.

Slasher was, however, not the only one who was making such claims. Another person who used such information to their advantage was Shannon Z Killer, who is now a streamer. She worked at Twitch as an admin and a community manager. Over the years, she has been very active within the Twitch community.

Shannon used her knowledge of the community and her own close sources to find out why Dr Disrespect was banned. On Twitter, she claimed that the ban was permanent and that it was serious. She added that it was most likely based on something off-platform.

Her tweets were met with a lot of blowback from people who were tired of online personalities using Dr Disrespect's ban to chase clout. She later deleted her tweets and sent out an apology tweet.

This kind of clout-chasing didn't just take place on Twitter as Dr Disrespect's ban was, and still is, a source of clickbait on YouTube channels. Of course, outlets and channels are bound to report on Dr Disrespect and his ban. However, it's one thing to report on new information and another to report that the reason for the ban is known. YouTube channels claiming to know why Dr Disrespect was banned, beyond what he has said so far, are essentially click-baiting and getting views off of his loss, without giving the community any real information.

As for Dr Disrespect himself, it's hard to say where his YouTube channel will be in a few years. He seems to be doing great at the moment but he has continued to show frustration over his situation with Twitch. Based on what he has said on stream, the whole situation may be far more complicated than anyone actually knew in June. It's just another reason why the false claims aren't good.

It must also be incredibly frustrating for Dr Disrespect to be sectioned off from all the streamers he used to play with. Because of his ban, he has become a pariah in the Twitch community.

Whatever happens though, it seems unlikely that Dr Disrespect would return to Twitch after something like this. However, he might be able to stream with the people he always used to play with.

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