How to earn eFootball Points easily in eFootball 2023 Mobile 

how to get eFootball Points in eFootball 2023 Mobile easily (Image Via Konami)
how to get eFootball Points in eFootball 2023 Mobile easily (Image Via Konami)

Konami, the developer of eFootball 2023 Mobile has brought eFootball Points back to the new version of the game. As the official website suggests, “eFootball Points are the currency of the eFootball Point Program.” These points will help you get different players and in-game items.

However, getting these eFootball Points is not easy. Even the website does not have any detailed information on how to earn eFootball Points in the game. So, how you can get these crucial eFootball Points to purchase items and player cards for your eFootball 2023 team remains an important and frequently asked question for the player base of the game. Here is everything you need to know about eFootball Points in eFootball 2023.

How many types of eFootball Points are there in eFootball 2023?

There are four different types of points in eFootball 2023. They are:

  • eFootball (PSN): Players can get them from eFootball 2023 in-game on PlayStation.
  • eFootball: They are available in efootball 2023 in-game.
  • eFootball (Legacy): These points were carried over from eFootball 2022 (or Pro Evolution Soccer, as it was known before the update) or versions before that.
  • Shared: Players can earn these points by playing on websites and campaigns.

How to get eFootball Points easily?


As of now, Konami doesn’t give any information on their website regarding how to get these Points in eFootball 2023 Mobile. Here are some objectives that can help you get eFootball points in eFootball 2023 Mobile.

  • Players will get eFootball Points from signing four players from Special Players List.
  • Playing five Tour Event Matches can also get you 200 eFootball Points.
  • Playing with different playstyle options in eFootball 2023 Mobile as their team playstyle in three matches.

Always check the objectives that will help you get eFootball Points in eFootball 2023. Go to Missions > Objectives > Career Objectives > Objectives to see which objectives can help you get these eFootball Points.

You can also earn eFootball Points by playing the eFootball League in the game. You can earn points and other rewards at the end of every league season. How many Points you will get will depend on the division you are ending your league season in.

How to use these eFootball Points?

Before trying to redeem your eFootball points, you have to agree to the terms and conditions. Players need to know that they can link the game account with the Konami ID just once. Your Konami ID cannot be unlinked once you have started using eFootball Points. Also, having multiple in-game accounts won’t help, as you can only choose one account. So, you should probably choose the account you log in to the most. That way, you can get the most out of these points.

There is an expiry date for redeeming these eFootball Points in eFootball 2023 Mobile


Players should note that these eFootball Points have an expiration date. They will expire at midnight on the last day of the sixth month after claiming them from your Inbox.

Konami has given the players the means to check the points left in their accounts. The My Konami website will help players check the expiration dates of the Points. You can also check the usage history, including the dates of obtaining the points and the number of points used in eFootball 2023 to date.

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