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How to earn Relentless Medal in COD Mobile Season 2

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Modified 04 Apr 2021

COD Mobile is a highly competitive game in the BR genre that has achieved some remarkable feats. The franchise offers console-quality HD gaming on mobile devices.

It primarily offers Multiplayer as well as BR mode and has a prevalent achievement acknowledgment system where players can earn medals to prove their skill and credibility in the game.

There are a total of 86 medals in COD Mobile. 43 medals in the Multiplayer mode, 27 medals in the BR mode, and 16 medals in the Zombie mode.

The Relentless medal is one of the Multiplayer mode medals that players can earn. Earning the medal could be quite tough or easy depending on the choice of game mode (ranked or non-ranked) that the players make.

This article will explain all the details on how players can earn the Relentless medal in COD Mobile.

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How to get the Relentless medal in COD Mobile?

As previously mentioned, the Relentless medal is available in the Multiplayer section of the game and obviously, players have to play Multiplayer matches to win this medal.

Requirement for earning the Relentless medal: Players will have to kill 20 enemies in a continuous streak without dying.

This seems quite tough. However, it can be easily accomplished in bot lobbies where players don't get to face real players. Players can do so by playing non-ranked matches in Multiplayer mode. After a couple of tries, players usually get the medal in non-ranked matches.


However, if the players want to challenge themselves they can try their hands out in the Ranked matches where they face intermediate as well as professional players.

While facing professionals, players might face trouble getting a continuous scorestreak of 20. Here are some of the tips that players can follow to maximize their chances at earning the Relentless medal:

  • Players must try to survive in the match after they get over 10 frags.
Image via COD Mobile
Image via COD Mobile
  • Players might need to hide and play safely to make sure that they don't get knocked down. Players can do this by hiding in chokepoints, behind corners of the map, where they can catch the enemies off guard.
Image via COD Mobile
Image via COD Mobile
  • The players must use scorestreaks and operator skills to increase their kill count.
  • Players can also try jumping and prone while firing. It distracts opponents.
  • Players also need to use high-tier weapons and primarily, SMGs. SMGs are short-range beasts and can provide the players with a lot of advantages while going for a killing spree.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 00:08 IST
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