How to easily Block and Counter enemy attacks in Forspoken

Blocking and Countering attacks in Forspoken
Blocking and Countering attacks in Forspoken (Image via Luminous Productions)

By mastering some of the core combat elements in Forspoken, you can make some of the RPG's hardest encounters significantly easier, allowing Frey to survive longer in a fight while dealing some serious damage.

Although the game's parkour mechanics and different Attack Magic skills are the most popular options, there's another element of combat that players are advised to invest some time into getting familiar with.

As you embark on your journey through Athia, here are some tips and tricks to help you master your newfound magic abilities:

This is the Block and the Counter mechanic which, when used correctly, can help you make some of the hardest fights in the game incredibly easy.

Like most titles with counter mechanics, Forspoken gives you a great deal of variety in how you want to approach a combat scenario. Although constantly blasting through enemies with magic is one way of going about it, learning how to counter incoming attacks can be extremely useful, especially when you run out of stamina and are vulnerable to an enemy attack.

Today’s guide will go over how to effectively block and counter enemy attacks in Forspoken.

Blocking attacks in Forspoken


Forspoken doesn't exactly have a dedicated block button as Cuff automatically blocks some of the incoming damage that's aimed at Frey. Fortunately, there are some ways for you to improve the game's blocking mechanics, with the first step being to unlock the Shield Slot Spell.

This is a Purple Magic Spell that falls under the Offensive category. Once you have it unlocked, you will then be able to slot it into one of the magic triangles that's located at the bottom right of the abilities tab.

By slotting it into one of your active abilities, you can activate this spell at any moment by pressing the R2 button. Hence, every time you see an incoming attack, you will be able to actively use the Shield Slot to block most of the damage.

Countering enemy attacks in Forspoken


Unlike blocking, countering attacks is much harder to pull off as it requires precise timing on your part to make the most of this in-game feature. In higher difficulty settings, the time frame to counter an enemy attack is significantly shorter, which means you must hone your reflexes to master this feature in Forspoken.

To counter an attack, you will first be required to wait for the enemy to channel their attack. As soon as it's about to land, you will need to click on the Triangle button of your PlayStation controller to counter it. Considering that there's a very brief window of opportunity to pull this off, simply clicking the button over and over again during a fight won't proc a counter.

In the recently released RPG, what makes learning how to counter incredibly important is the fact that you will knock enemies back when you do so, while gaining some health back at the same time. Presently, it’s one of the best combat tools in the game, along with the potent Attack Magic that Frey can use.

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