All Forspoken magical parkour abilities explained

Explaining all magical parkour skills in Forspoken (Image via Forspoken)
Explaining all magical parkour skills in Forspoken (Image via Forspoken)

One of Forspoken’s biggest selling points is its traversal mechanics, where the game uses an incredibly unique magical parkour system that is incredibly satisfying.

Over the course of the narrative, you will be able to unlock eight of these parkour abilities, which will make covering larger distances on the map and reaching newer spots significantly easier.

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Hence, those booting up the game for the first time will be curious about the type of magical parkour skills Forsaken has up its sleeves and how they work.

This guide goes over all eight traversal abilities in Forspoken and how to use them in the ARPG.

Explaining all magical parkour skills in Forspoken


As mentioned, there are eight magical parkour skills in Forspoken. These are:

1) Flow

The core movement feature allows Frey to cover large distances at an incredible pace. This includes a dash that allows Frey to perform other movement maneuvers along with it.

From leaping great distances to scaling huge mountains and reaching the top of a building, this ability will allow you to do a lot. This can help you get to treasure chests and quest points that will otherwise be impossible to reach.

2) Rush

The Rush ability compliments Flow incredibly well, and with it, you can dash with an incredible boost. Rush helps make Flow faster and lets it cover larger distances with every leap and bound. It will also allow Frey to replenish her Stamina, letting you use it when running low. This will keep you going without having to stop frequently.

3) Shimmy

Shimmy allows Frey to get a bigger boost in her long jumps in Forspoken, and is one of the best ways to reach distant areas. Additionally, you can upgrade it and unlock some of its better perks. However, to do so, you will need to complete the different Spellcraft Challenges in the game.

4) Scale

Scale involves scaling tall vertical heights by creating a Phantom Foothold in the air for Frey, which she can use to launch further into the air. You can combine it with Flow and Rush for better effect, making it significantly easier to climb structures.

5) Soar

Soar is an ability that goes hand-in-hand with Scale. With this, you can pull off multiple vertical leaps in quick succession. Some regions and areas of the map will be unavailable before you get this ability, so if you want to explore every part of Athia, you will need to invest a fair bit in this parkour talent.


6) Zip

Zip is the magic version of a grappling hook in Forspoken, and depending on how you use it, you will be able to grab and pull objects or reach certain positions in the game. Additionally, you can use it defensively and zipline to dodge enemy attacks.

7) Float

Float allows you to leap off great heights without taking significant fall damage. It helps soften the impact when falling from a fatal altitude, allowing you to survive the longest falls in the game.

8) Glide

Glide allows Frey to ride the waves and travel across the waterbodies in Forspoken. There is a fair number of water bodies in the game, and once this ability is unlocked, you can use it to travel across them and find new areas to unlock in Athia.

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