How does crafting work in Forspoken?

Crafting is relatively easy to understand in Forspoken.
As you explore in Forspoken, your crafting options open up as well (Image via Luminous Productions)

Early in Forspoken, you will gain the ability to construct a variety of useful items. Introduced to you by the orphan Olevia, she shows you the basics of crafting. Anytime you are at a crafting table, or in a refuge, you can take the time to create or upgrade the items you have on hand.

Frey can use the materials she finds while exploring to increase the amount of healing draughts she has access to, how many materials she can carry, and much more.

However, crafting can often be a time-consuming task, when you consider some of the rare materials you need to upgrade some of your Cloaks and Necklaces. What do you need to know about crafting in Forspoken, though?

Crafting items in Forspoken requires exploring the world of Athia

In Forspoken’s crafting system, you can either craft a few items, or upgrade your gear. Early on, you cannot do more than creating Healing Draughts. These are your primary forms of healing, and thankfully, they’re very easy to make.

They require two Balm Flax, which is a type of grass that grows in the wild. They’re found nearly everywhere, so you won’t struggle to find these while playing. As resources are limited in the beginning, this is basically all you have to do.

You can only have a set number of these at one time, and you can only make them at crafting stations - they cannot be bought. That’s where crafting and exploration come into play.


Watch: Increasing your Healing Draught number.

As you unlock Nuggets and Feathers, you can also increase the amount of Healing Draughts and crafting reagents you can hold. The number of required nuggets and feathers starts at one, but will increase to five nuggets per additional healing draught, or 10 more of each reagent.

Most reagents will be found as Frey runs around the world of Forspoken. However, enemies that are defeated often drop items like Blooms and Clusters. You can convert these into other types of materials as you expand your magical abilities.

Each school of magic has a way to increase what you can convert resources into. The more combat you engage in, the more of these will be available, so they are simple enough to amass.

However, all the most useful things you need to craft with are found in treasure chests throughout the game. Feathers, Nuggets, and the most valuable crafting resource of all - Wild Musk.

Upgrading your Cloaks and Necklaces in Forspoken

Wild Musk is used in every single enchantment for your gear in all of Forspoken. It’s rare unless you do a lot of exploring. It’s only used to upgrade your gear - Cloaks and Necklaces. Each enchantment in the game requires 1 Wild Musk and another resource. This varies, from Leaden Clusters, Diurnite, Grainstone or Crag Grass.

Each piece of gear has three slots, and often comes with one enchantment already in place upon it. At the start of the game, you only have a few you can add, such as adding +2% Purple Magic or +2% Health.


Watch: Upgrading a cloak.

As you explore Forspoken, you’ll start accruing a currency called “Old Coins.” You can trade these in at the Book Store stall in Cipral, who will offer a variety of enchantments. This isn’t your only method of increasing your power, though.

Each time you unlock a new Cloak or Necklace, whatever enchantments they had on them, you will also learn how to apply these to other pieces of gear. For example, if you find the Faultless, you’ll gain access to “Improved Critical Hit Rate When HP is High” for other Cloaks.

This means it’s incredibly important to explore everywhere in Athia. You’ll see icons on the map when you will be rewarded with a Cloak or Necklace, so it’s easy to see where these are. The former are most often found in Locked Labyrinth dungeons, and you can find Necklaces in a wide variety of spots on the map. Just look for their respective purple icons.

However, you’ll still need Wild Musk. You will often find it in wooden treasure chests across each area, so take the time to go pop these open. The fancy, locked chests hide Old Coins. Depending on the challenge level, you’ll get a set number of Old Coins in Forspoken.


Watch: Easy puzzle solving for Old Coins.

While these can frustrate you, you can spend a few points of Mana to break them open immediately, and that’s the smartest option you can pick. That way, you’re back to jumping across the map with outstanding parkour skills.

That’s all you need to know about crafting in Forspoken. It’s a simple system, and the more items you unlock, the more you’ll have access to. Customizing your gear is an important part of preparing for the challenging battles ahead.

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