5 gameplay features showcased in the Forspoken Gamescom 2022 ten-minute trailer

Fans got an extended look at Forspoken
Fans got an extended look at Forspoken's gameplay during Gamescom 2022 (Image via Square Enix)

During the ongoing Gamescom 2022 event, Square Enix's upcoming action role-playing game Forspoken received a ten-minute uninterrupted gameplay trailer. The game is being developed by Luminous Productions, the studio that previously worked on Final Fantasy XV.

The trailer provided fans with an extended look at various gameplay features of Forspoken as well as the abilities of the protagonist Frey, including combat, spells, armor systems, upgrades, and more. The game is set to be released exclusively on Sony's current-generation console and PC, leveraging the capabilities of latest hardware to deliver jaw-dropping visuals and an action-packed gameplay experience.


Here are five gameplay features of Forspoken that were showcased during the ten-minute-long gameplay trailer released during Gamescom 2022.

From action-packed combat to customization, here are five gameplay features shown off in Forspoken's new trailer released during Gamescom 2022

5) Parkour traversal

Forspoken's biggest draw is its fluid parkour system, allowing players to move around the open world of Athia in style. Furthermore, the game's parkour is enhanced by Frey's ability to summon elemental hoverboards to slide on. This even allows players to pull off some really cool tricks mid-air.

Frey's spells also allow her to move at a faster pace, vaulting over obstacles, jumping incredibly high, and swinging through rocky terrain with giant tethers like Spider-Man.

4) Spells to use in combat

The game's combat system is driven by multiple elemental spells that Frey can cast in order to deal damage to enemies. Frey can conjure multiple elemental spells in quick succession to stack damage on opponents.

In the ten-minute trailer, Frey is seen decimating groups of enemies with a combination of spells, including fire, ice, and water elemental projectiles, huge tendril-like attacks, as well as massive fire and water area-of-effect attacks. Some spells also allow Frey to briefly levitate to get a better view of the battlefield.

3) Different enemy types

Forspoken's 10-minute Gamescom trailer showcased a wide variety of hostile characters in the game. The enemies range from humanoid grunts, knights, and zombie-like creatures to animals and even mystical beasts.

Furthermore, the game's previous trailers have already hinted at players being able to fight dragon-like creatures as well as many other fantastical monsters throughout their journey in Athia.

2) Leveling system

The game's leveling system is very reminiscent of the Final Fantasy games, where players earn experience for every action they take in the open world, including defeating enemies and finding new explorable areas in Athia. There are a plethora of treasure chests scattered across the open world, that contain materials and items used for crafting or trading with vendors.

Upgrading and unlocking new abilities and spells for Frey requires a special material called "mana". While players can naturally earn it by leveling up, it can also be found in growing pools across Athia.

1) Sidequests and additional content

Athia's world is corrupted by the malevolent forces of the Tantas, once benevolent matriarchs who have now turned into evil sorceresses. However, there are a few safe havens for the inhabitants of Athia, such as Cipal. Players can visit such locations in order to receive sidequests from characters and gather information on the world as well as the Tantas.

The game also features Assassin's Creed-style towers, called Belfries, which players can use to scan their surroundings and reveal nearby points of interest. Engaging with the side content in Forspoken rewards players with experience points, stat increases, bits of Athian lore, and new gear for Frey.

Forspoken is certainly shaping up to be a fascinating action role-playing game in the veins of Square's other fantasy RPG series, Final Fantasy. Given Luminous Productions' history with Final Fantasy games and their stellar work in creating the series' fifteenth mainline installment, they have more than cemented themselves capable enough to deliver an action-packed fantasy experience.


Recently, Forspoken's marketing team received backlash from fans due to a subpar trailer released on the game's official Twitter account. However, it looks like they have learned their lesson as the new ten-minute gameplay trailer released during Gamescom 2022 is the perfect representation of the game, while also giving fans an extended look at the game's raw gameplay.

Square Enix noted that they have a lot more to share regarding Forspoken in the coming months before the game's release. The game was delayed multiple times before settling on its current release schedule.

Although it is possible that Square moved Forspoken's release to next year in order to avoid competing with PlayStation's big titles like The Last of Us Part 1 Remake and God of War Ragnarök, no confirmation on this was given by the developers or the publisher themselves.

Forspoken is scheduled to release on January 24, 2023 exclusively for PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

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