How long will it take to complete Forspoken?

Forspoken will be offering a good amount of playtime (Image via Square Enix)
Forspoken will offer a good amount of playtime (Image via Square Enix)

Square Enix’s Forspoken is gearing up to be one of the most anticipated game launches in the coming year. With an official release date set for January 24, 2023, there has been a fair amount of hype surrounding the title, even though early reviews of the game have been mixed so far.

In general, many felt it to be quite a unique title with engaging combat and an interesting open-world design, with the gaming community excited to dive right into the fictional world of Athia.

With the release date of the upcoming game rapidly approaching, the community is curious as to how long it will take to beat Forspoken. According to the game’s co-director Takefumi Terada, it will take players somewhere around 30 to 40 hours to successfully complete the main narrative.

This is a fairly large amount of playtime for just the main mission, which just goes to show that if players are looking to try out the title for just its narrative, then they're likely to get a ton of enjoyable content.

Forspoken will be offering a good amount of playtime


As mentioned before, it will take players about 30 to 40 hours to complete the main narrative of Forspoken. In recent years, AAA games generally offer an average main story playtime of around 25 to 30 hours, which is why Forspoken offering an experience that's significantly greater is certainly good news for those gamers who are excited about the upcoming title.

Needless to say, the game's open-world fantasy setting will likely play a big role in allowing players to have an even higher playtime than average. It’s also important to note here that Takefumi Terada only provided an approximate playtime for the main narrative of the game alone without including various side missions and the other content that it will come with.

Community speculations hint at the fact that Forspoken will have double the playtime for casual players who are looking to invest some time in a few side quests and missions while completing the main storyline.

Additionally, for those who are looking to 'Platinum' the game and unlock every single trophy and achievement, this will take them somewhere around 120+ hours.


Forespoken boasts a vast open-world setting with a large number of puzzles and secrets that players can look to discover and unlock. Hence, it’s not all that surprising that completionists will have to invest a great deal of time in Athia before they can unlock all of the game's achievements.

The action role-playing game will be officially released on January 24, 2023, for the PlayStation 5 and PC. The pre-order period and bonuses are also available, and there's plenty of additional content that fans will be able to get their hands on if they purchase one of the various editions that Square Enix is offering before the title launch.

Although the Forspoken demo has had mixed responses from both players and critics alike, fans are still looking forward to some of the interesting features that Luminous Productions is set to bring to the table.

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