Forspoken TGS presentation: New gameplay, story details, and more

Square Enix showed off some gameplay of Forspoken, where a Japanese gamer got hands-on with the upcoming action RPG (Image via Square Enix)
Square Enix showed off some gameplay of Forspoken, where a Japanese gamer got hands-on with the upcoming action RPG (Image via Square Enix)

The ongoing Tokyo Game Show 2022 has been packed with announcements and previews, including one for Forspoken. Japanese gamer Eiko Kano, host of Critikano Hit, had a special hands-on preview of the upcoming Square Enix action RPG. Besides Kano talking about some of the merchandise Square Enix had available during TGS, he got to explore a small portion of the world in Forspoken.

While the story details were brief, Eiko Kano also got to check out the gameplay itself, ranging from combat to casting magical spells and fast-moving magical parkour. Although fans will still have to wait for the game's official launch to enjoy it themselves, it was interesting to finally see the game in action.


Japanese gamer Eiko Kano gets hands-on with Forspoken at TGS 2022

During the presentation on Forspoken, viewers got to see the game's beautiful visuals as well as the fast and smooth movement mechanics it has to offer. The dash looked incredibly quick, and before long, combat began.

Magical attacks were shown off at this point, where Frey Holland, the game’s protagonist blasted opponents with what looked like earth-elemental attacks. The attacks do not auto-aim, and as seen in the gameplay, players can miss their magical shots, so precision and accuracy are of great importance when dealing with moving targets.

A large AOE supporting attack was also showcased, rooting enemies caught within it in place. By pressing the button repeatedly, basic magic attacks can be spammed, allowing the player to deal damage relatively quickly.

Fortunately, Frey Holland has more than just earth elemental attacks. A flaming sword was shown off, which could be summoned directly into her hand. The developer then briefly talked about the story, which fans are already familiar with. Frey Holland was involved in a mysterious incident, magically whisking her away from modern-day New York and bringing her into the strange new world of Athia.

Her magical powers appear to come from a bracer or cuff on her wrist, and are seen in a variety of formats. It can be attacking magic, supporting magic, and more. Additionally, the game's magical parkour was also shown off in the footage.

Frey Holland can use her magic to quickly leap up walls and traverse huge gaps, achieving all this while still dealing damage with magical attacks. She can even swing from grapple points, flying through the air gracefully.


It’s a form of movement where the player leaps forward quickly and requires timing and practice to get used to. This mechanic allows players to swiftly cross distances, as well as traverse up walls and connect to Shining Rocks. After focusing on those, it launched Frey into the air and allowed her to resume this speedy form of travel.

While playing through a mission in Forspoken, Kano was seen wielding a fire sword and deftly taking down most of the weak monsters surrounding the character, and even used parkour to evade them. At this point, he showed off the Super Magic attack as well, which, since he wielded fire elemental attacks, came in the form of a huge gout of flame.

At the event, Kano fought a number of challenging foes in Forspoken and learned a number of strategies such as Killer Blow, a useful method to deal critical damage while healing during a heated battle. The recent Square Enix presentation certainly did a lot to show how intuitive and fast-paced Forspoken’s gameplay promises to be.


After a recent delay, Forspoken is currently set to release on January 24, 2023. Fans of the upcoming title can watch the presentation above and check out all of the action for themselves.

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