When is Forspoken releasing next week? Platforms, story, and more explored

What to expect from Forspoken? (Image via Forspoken)
What to expect from Forspoken? (Image via Forspoken)

Officially dropping next week, Forspoken is one of the more anticipated game releases for 2023, and there has been a fair bit of curiosity about some of the things that fans can expect from it.

The RPG will officially go live next week, on January 24, 2023. However, it will only be released for the PlayStation 5 and PC. The game was originally planned for the former, and Square Enix has stated in previous reveals that Xbox users should not expect the title to make its way to Microsoft consoles any time soon.

Forspoken was initially announced as a May 2022 drop, but development was pushed back due to delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The game was further polished for an improved product. However, the October 2022 release window was further delayed and postponed to January 2023. Fans eagerly awaiting the title voiced their disappointment due to the continuous delays. But going by the impressive demos and early reviews, the complaints were soon sated.

What to expect from Forspoken?


Regarding the story, Forspoken will take place in the land of Athia, where players play the protagonist Frey Holland, who has accidentally made her way into the new land.

She gains magical powers and, as a result, uses them to traverse the vast open world of the map while at the same time battling enemies to survive.

Apart from this, not much has been revealed in the core narrative, but players can expect an engaging storyline from the RPG when it officially drops next week.

As for the gameplay, a fair bit has been revealed about the combat mechanics. However, the most attractive feature of the game has to be the traversal system, which many have found to be unique.

However, the number of dashes that she gets to cover ground is limited, and players will have to wait a while for the ability to recharge before they can use it again.


Skill progression and customization options are some features that players can look forward to in Forspoken. Magic skill upgrades, Gear labels, and buff-providing Nails are a few core gameplay mechanics that help Frey become significantly stronger as the narrative progresses.

The open-world RPG elements will foster a great deal of exploration, as collecting chests around Athia is also encouraged, helping Frey unlock new abilities.

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