Fast Travel in Forspoken - Refuges, Belfries, and more

Forspoken has an easy-to-use Fast Travel system.
How does Fast Travel work for Frey in Forspoken? (Image via Luminous Productions)

Eventually, Frey in Forspoken finds herself in Cipal, one of the last bastions of humanity in the world of Athia.

Though she will have magic parkour to quickly get from one place to another, the world in this game is vast. Occasionally, you’ll need to fast travel, whether back to Cipal, or another area of the map.

Forspoken's world map offers a great deal of information, such as places you can travel to while exploring. It shows many of the Refuges, Belfries, treasures, and locked dungeons. If you want to get somewhere fast, though, you’ll want to use fast travel. How does it work, and what can you do once you reach your destination?

How to Fast Travel in Forspoken and what you can do in refuge locations

Until you’ve reached the large town of Cipra, you won’t have access to the fast travel feature. There’s only one place in the main hub of Forspoken that you can fast-travel to, and that’s the center of town. Once you’ve left there, you can return only if you’ve found a Refuge or a Belfry.

Refuges are empty houses in Forspoken, where you can rest, find a few items, take on spellcrafting challenges, and potentially see cat familiars.

You can also craft new items and upgrade your pouches, cloaks, and necklaces. If you’re low on health, you can also rest in bed.


Watch: One of the early Refuges.

If you interact with the podium in a Refuge, it will usually highlight other similar structures that you are yet to discover on your map. This is a great way to find new places to explore or add more fast travel locations in Forspoken.

This is one of the most important areas in the game for Frey, for both fast travel and upgrading her gear. You can also find Belfry locations on the map. These vast towers will unlock as fast travel locations upon reaching them.

If you enter the center of a Belfry and scan with Cuff in Forspoken, you can see nearby activities. It will showcase combat challenges, treasures, and more. Anything you can ping with your markers, you can see visually.

If you want to fast travel, open your map, highlight the point you want to go to, and press Square. The game will prompt you to make sure that’s what you meant to do and will load a new area. However, it can be challenging to find Refuges and Belfries on the map.


Watch: Using Fast Travel.

You can also use the touchpad to pull up a map of the continent, which only shows Refuges and Belfries. Conversely, you can press L3 on your controller, pulling up a list of specific places you can travel to.

Although many exist, these are the only places you can fast-travel to in Forspoken. There’s almost always going to be a fast travel location to your current objective in the story, so you can retreat and come back later if you need to. It’s a useful feature that costs you nothing and helps you get to certain spots on the map faster.

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