How to easily defeat Altered Llingoceros in Forspoken 

Having trouble with the secret Altered Llingoceros boss fights in Forspoken? This guide is there to help you get through them (Image via AK STYLE GAMER/ You Tube)
Having trouble with the secret Altered Llingoceros boss fights in Forspoken? This guide is there to help you get through them (Image via AK STYLE GAMER/ You Tube)

Forspoken takes players into the stunning open world of Athia. One of the key features of the latest open-world action-adventure title is the various boss fights. However, once players have explored the world of Athia enough and gathered quite a few powers and experiences, one of the most astonishing missions to do is to take down the Altered Mutants inhabiting the Avoalet realm.

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These mutants are infected with the Break and can often come off as pretty tough encounters in the recently released Forspoken title. Overall, nine such mutants can be taken down. This guide is about the two Altered Llingoceros boss fights in Forspoken.

Altered Llingoceros boss fights in Forspoken; where to access them and how to beat both the boss


Altered Llingoceros bosses in Forspoken are oversized deer. Both are tough nuts to crack. If hit by Altered Ilingoceros's leaping attack, the player's defense gets lowered drastically. To prevent further damage, it is recommended to use Aegis to heal immediately.

Keeping that in mind, here’s a breakdown of both the boss fights.

1) The Altered Llingoceros boss fight - The Barleycorn Plains


The Altered Ilingoceros in the Barleycorn Plains is a challenging enemy due to its agility and unpredictable leap-based attacks. Maintaining a close watch on its movements throughout the battle is essential.

If you engage this mutant early on, using Sila's Magic and focusing on close-range attacks is your best option. This strategy will minimize the risk from Ilingoceros's powerful ranged attacks and increase your chances of success by keeping pressure on it.

If you decide to progress enough along with the story, then you will have access to Prav's Magic, which is effective against the Altered Ilingoceros. Though Prav's Magic does not have much close-range damage, Chain Bolt's speed will counter the mutant's agility, and Naedre's poison effect can inflict damage while Ilingoceros is jumping away.


Players will be rewarded with four Welkin Garlands after slaying the Altered Llingoceros in the Barleycorn Plains.

2) The Altered Llingoceros boss fight – The Fountainfields


The Altered Ilingoceros battle in Fountainfields is more problematic as it is accompanied by a group of Merycodus, making the fight chaotic until you reduce the number of enemies. Prav's Magic is more effective than Sila's Magic against all the enemies here. Still, it may be best to use fiery spells to eliminate the Merycodus, as melee attacks work well to deal damage between charged casts, and the Crucible can help to control the battlefield.

Once you have separated the Altered Ilingoceros from the pack, the battle will be similar to other fights against this monster. Use a similar combat tactic in the previous Llingoceros boss fight to win this one.


Upon death, the giant deer will drop four Lambent Garlands.

This wraps up our guide on dealing with the Altered Llingoceros in Forspoken. Keep tabs on us for more comprehensive Forspoken chapters and boss fight guides.

Forspoken is a game developed by Square Enix, which combines parkour and magic, giving players various options in traversal and combat. The game also features some pretty exciting boss fights.

Players can also try out the game by playing the free demo version available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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