How to easily defeat Altered Goliath in Forspoken

Altered Goliath can be found in Blessed Plain region (Image via Square Enix)
Altered Goliath can be found in Blessed Plain region (Image via Square Enix)

Forspoken is the new RPG developed by Luminous Productions. Players are given control of Frey, who is teleported to the mysterious world of Athia. An anomaly called the Break has crippled this fantasy place. Corrupted beasts and creatures populate this land. Altered Goliath is also a result of this corruption.

Players must be on guard against Altered Goliath as it can regenerate health. This boss gives a tough fight, especially since it can be found in the first region of Forspoken. Players will still be getting accustomed to Frey's abilities, so it may take some time to get around in the battle. The trick is to constantly evade its attacks using parkour and bombard it with attack spells.

Defeating the Altered Goliath in Forspoken


Altered Goliath, like many other boss creatures in Forspoken, has some perks. It is resistant to purple and red magic. As mentioned before, it can even regenerate health. Forspoken has four types of magic spells: Red, Blue, Purple, and Green.

You are incentivized to use these spells and parkour abilities in battles. To fight the Altered Golaith, you can head to the Blessed Plains region of the map. It is easy to find this gigantic titan standing on a hill southeast of the Blessed Plains Refuge.

This is where you can find Goliath (Image via Square Enix)
This is where you can find Goliath (Image via Square Enix)

Even though this boss is resistant to purple and red magic, you can win. Purple is Frey's magic (Earth-based spells), and Red is Tanta Sila’s (Fire-based spells).

Purple magic allows Frey to fire a barrage of rocks at enemies, and as you advance in the story, you will unlock more spells. You can wield Red spells in the form of spears that inflict fire damage on impact.


Altered Goliath has a couple of moves that you will have to make a note of. One is a simple attack wherein it lunges toward Frey with a punch. Another is a rush in which it will run at you and keep charging for a while. On several occasions, the boss can also throw some boulders at Frey, which are unblockable.

You must always be on the run with Frey’s parkour abilities after landing some hits on Goliath. Running won't solve all the problems as the boss begins to regenerate health if not attacked for long. So keep chipping in at its health with red or purple magic spells.

You can even stagger it at a certain point if you keep attacking its back. This move gives you an opening to land a Killer Blow that triggers a short animation and does enormous damage. Make it a point to land as many Killer Blows as possible. Be on guard, though, as it retaliates with a high-damage attack after recuperating from the stagger effect.

Dodge this attack using Flow (Image via Square Enix)
Dodge this attack using Flow (Image via Square Enix)

If you still find this Forspoken battle too tedious, you can complete Chapter eight to gain Tanta Prav’s Blue magic abilities. You will have a poison spell called Naedre that shoots out projectiles. This attack causes heavy poison damage to the Altered Goliath and will help you curb its health regeneration tactic.

Another trick is to be locked onto the Goliath throughout the fight, which will enable you to keep the camera focused on it while you dodge the attacks. You can thus keep an eye out for his rock-throwing attacks and stay out of their range.

While Frey's journey in @Forspoken is not a challenging one, it is filled with emotional weight and enjoyable gameplay.The parkour and magical combat is incredible, but much of the vast land of Athia feels a bit on the empty side.#Forspoken @SquareEnix

Forspoken blends parkour with magic, giving players a variety of options in traversal and combat. The game also features trinkets like nails, necklaces, and cloaks that enhance Frey's stats. All these elements lend a much-needed variety to the combat scenarios.

Fospoken has received favorable reviews from fans and critics alike. The title was an ambitious undertaking by Square Enix and was developed by the team who had previously worked on Final Fantasy XV. Players can even play a free demo on PlayStation 5 and PC to test the game.

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