How to easily defeat the Ballerina Twins in Atomic Heart

The Ballerina Twins are incredibly tough foes in Atomic Heart (Image via YouTube/BabyZone)
The Ballerina Twins are incredibly tough foes in Atomic Heart (Image via YouTube/BabyZone)

Atomic Heart is the latest first-person role-playing title from developer Mundfish and publisher Focus Entertainment. As expected from the usual role-playing style, players will encounter a wide cast of diverse characters that they must both befriend and face off against in combat.

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This particular guide will detail how players can defeat a rather late game pair of bosses, the Ballerina Twins - the final bosses that Major must face during the campaign's events.

Note: Heavy spoilers for Atomic Heart will follow. Viewer discretion is advised.

Atomic Heart guide: Why are Ballerina Twins formidable and how to defeat them

Facing off against the robot twins (Image via YouTube/BabyZone)
Facing off against the robot twins (Image via YouTube/BabyZone)

Defeating the Ballerina Twins is no easy task, and players must be on their toes throughout the entire battle to progress through. Following these general tips will ensure a smooth run of the fight:

  1. Make sure to save your game before entering the fight - it is the last you will encounter in Atomic Heart.
  2. It will begin with a series of quick-time events (QTEs) that you must complete to actually start the battle. Failing this will result in a Game Over, so be warned.
  3. Both the twins will attack you simultaneously, making it an incredibly tough challenge to beat them.
  4. They have no weaknesses to speak of, when scanned. Brute force is recommended.
  5. One of the two twins will hover and use aerial attacks on you, while the other will remain on ground and directly confront you.
  6. Focus on one twin at a time, especially the one on ground - use Shock to stagger them and dish out as much damage as you can.
  7. The Shotgun and the Fat Boy are recommended weapons for this fight. Dodge attacks as and when necessary.
  8. The twins may charge up (as indicated by a blue aura) to deal uninterruptible damage. Make sure to dodge these attacks.
  9. Yet another move from the Ballerina Twins is the use of flaming Polymer projectiles - make sure to avoid these.
  10. Additionally, the twins can immobilize you and lift you up, slowing you down in the process. Stay clear of the rising platforms.
  11. When their HP drops past a certain percentage, the twins will create a series of laser beams together that you must now successively dodge.
  12. Upgrades that protect the Major from general damage are highly beneficial in this phase, as it can be quite overwhelming to keep up with the robots.
  13. The Ballerina Twins share the same HP pool, so damaging one will also damage the other.
  14. Repeat the process until both the robots are downed to trigger a cutscene and end the fight for good.
  15. Do not shy away from using healing items or lowering the difficulty if things turn out to be too tough.

Who are the Ballerina Twins in Atomic Heart?

During the latter half of the story, it is revealed that the Major is missing a huge chunk of his memories due to them being altered by Sechenov during the operation that saved his life.


One major part of these memories includes the fact that the former had a wife prior to the events of the game, who was coincidentally a gifted ballerina and an assassin. Shortly after her death, Sechenov transplanted her skills and mannerisms into the Ballerina Twins players encounter several times in the game, making it a “ghost” of the Major’s wife in a twisted form.

Atomic Heart was released on February 21, 2023 for the PC, PlayStation and Xbox line of consoles. The title is also available via Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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