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How to easily solo farm Sea Serpents in Valheim using a boat and Abyssal harpoon

 (Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)
Modified 23 Feb 2021

Sea Serpents are lethal creatures in Valheim. They can be found lurking in the ocean biome and are humongous in size.

These massive snake-like creatures in Valheim tend to attack and destroy any boat or ship that they see. On the bright side, defeating and killing off a sea serpent will reward players with a bunch of extremely rare resources in Valheim.

The list of resources dropped by a Sea Serpent after getting defeated are:

  • Serpent meat
  • Serpent scale
  • Serpent trophy

Players need to note that defeating a sea serpent in the ocean could result in some of the rewarding resources drowning to the bottom of the ocean.

The entire process of solo farming sea serpents in Valheim will require the player to draft the snake-like creature onto a landmass.

How to solo farm sea serpents in Valheim


In order to solo farm a sea serpent in Valheim, players will require a few items and resources to prepare.

These items and resources, along with their uses, are:

  • A boat: To venture out to the ocean biome to find a sea serpent.
  • At least iron-tier armor and protective gear: To protect against the massive damage dealt by sea serpents in Valheim.
  • Carrot Soup, Sausages, and Turnip Stew: These specific items are extremely good at increasing a player's health as well as stamina quickly during a fight.
  • Abyssal Harpoon: Created from Chitin, the in-game resource can be found on the island with barnacles on the surface.

Once the player has all of these necessary items in their inventory, they need to head into the ocean biome with their boat. It can take players a bit of time before they manage to find a sea serpent in Valheim.

Players should try navigating their boat in Valheim to various regions of the ocean biome.

After spotting a sea serpent, players will need to follow a series of steps to defeat and harvest the resources dropped by the snake-like creature in Valheim.


The steps are:

  • Players will need to hit the saw serpent with the Abyssal Harpoon. In case the player fails to do it in a single attempt, they can simply try again.
  • Once the sea serpent has been harpooned, the player will need to start navigating the boat towards the nearest landmass. It is recommended that players find a nearby landmass in the meadows to avoid additional onslaught of other hostile creatures.
  • Once the boat is near the landmass, players should get off the boat and continue dragging the harpooned sea serpent deeper into the land. Players should note that the sea serpent will continuously try to pull away from the player in an attempt to escape back into the ocean.
  • If the serpent manages to break free at times, players will simply have to shoot the harpoon at them again and repeat the process.
  • Once the serpent is deep inside the landmass, players should start attacking the serpent in order to lower its health. It is important to note that while players attack the sea serpent, the creature will try and move back towards the ocean.
  • Players might have to use the Abyssal harpoon multiple times before they can bring down the sea serpent.

Although this process sounds a little complicated, it can be done in a simple manner by executing this strategy in the co-op world of Valheim. That will allow one player to prevent the harpooned serpent from escaping while the other player can deal damage and kill the snake-like creature.

Published 23 Feb 2021, 18:52 IST
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