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The best way to beat the Sea Serpent in Valheim

Image Via Valheim Game
Image Via Valheim Game
Modified 22 Feb 2021

Sea Serpents are one of the deadlier monsters found in Valheim, and they will only attack in the depths of the Ocean Biome. The water arena that players find themselves in when fighting the Sea Serpent is what separates it from other fights.

That separation means players will need to use some different tactics to take the Sea Serpent down. The most obvious difference is the fight in the water, which will require a boat of some kind. But due to the strength of the Sea Serpent, a smaller raft or karve will be obliterated in a couple of hits from the beast. A Valheim longship is the first key addition to winning the battle.

Once players have a longship in Valheim, it's time to go searching for the Sea Serpent in Valheim. But before players go, they'll want to be as prepared as possible, and that means crafting an Abyssal Harpoon. 8 Fine Wood, 3 Leather Scraps, and 30 Chitin are all that is needed to make the Harpoon. Chitin can be found on Krakens, which are essentially just small islands that can be farmed on the ocean. Krakens have craters which will contain the needed chitin.

Fighting the Sea Serpent in Valheim

With the Abyssal Harpoon crafted, and some ranged or melee weapons in hand, it's time to find the Sea Serpent. They can always be found in the Ocean Biome, but when there are storms the Sea Serpent appears to spawn more.

Once players spot a Sea Serpent it's time to fight, but the method of fighting will change which rewards players get. Using ranged weapons to kill the Sea Serpent from a boat is the fastest way to start the fight and end it without much damage. However, the Sea Serpent will only drop meat in that case.

If players want the Serpent Scales in order to craft the powerful Serpent Scale Shield, they'll need to bring the Sea Serpent to land in Valheim. In order to do that, players will need to hook the Serpent with the Abyssal Harpoon. It has infinite uses until it lands so there is no worry in missing some shots.


When the Sea Serpent is hooked, players can start to drag the Serpent to land. However, keep in mind that using the harpoon renders other actions impossible, so it's best to have at least one other person to control the ship.

The final step once the Sea Serpent is on land is to win the fight in a melee matchup, which will be easier. If players kill it, they'll have access to meat, scales, and a trophy.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 01:32 IST
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