How to enable voice chat in Halo Infinite

Use options for voice chat in Halo Infinite (Image via Xbox)
Use options for voice chat in Halo Infinite (Image via Xbox)
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Voice chat is a staple feature of Halo Infinite, and any classic fan will know exactly how voice chat can change the overall experience. Plenty of players will want to utilize the feature in their own matches, and it's easy to enable from the Settings.

Enabling voice chat in Halo Infinite should be something that doesn't need much direction by default. However, for some players, the option is turned off automatically as soon as the game is downloaded. Considering how many different menus and settings there are, it can be difficult to enable voice chat among all of the customization options within Halo Infinite.

Audio and voice chat settings in Halo Infinite


Whether players are in the main menu of Halo Infinite or in an active match, the Settings menu can be opened up just the same. This gives players options for all menus at any point within the game, especially for voice chat issues. By default, most players should be able to hear teammates if they have their mics on, but the reverse isn't always true.

Players will know if their own voice chat is disabled, because there will be a crossed out sound icon for their name on the scoreboard. There is an easy fix though, and all players need to do is open up Settings. Once inside, the next step is to scroll to the audio section and move down towards Communication, which is found all the way at the bottom.

Here, players will find all kinds of voice chat options, but one is to enable or disable voice chat entirely. In voice chat mode for Halo Infinite, players can also utilize push-to-talk or open mic if they desire. On top of those options, there are settings for muting the entire lobby, the chatter of the Spartans or the volume of all incoming voices.

Communication and voice chat for ranked play in Halo Infinite

Many players in Halo Infinite may want voice chat off, or they will have their own Discord calls going. Voice chat may be a classic part of Halo multiplayer, but it can become overbearing once in a while.

Ranked play, however, is one area where Halo Infinite players might want to think twice about turning down any teammates. Using a mic will increase communication within the team and the odds of winning by a large margin, more so than most weapon drops will. However, that always depends on an individual's playstyle in Halo Infinite.

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