How to fast travel in New World

A player in town in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
A player in town in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
Brandon Moore

New World has taken some queues from many popular games over the years, including the fast travel feature.

Fast travel is a function that a lot of roleplaying games, including MMO games, have implemented for quicker exploration. More often than not, players simply select a space on the map and are taken there.


In New World, the fast travel feature can save a ton of time. While exploring on foot is great at the start, once you have objectives, moving quickly is much better. It does come with a cost of Azoth, however.

How fast traveling works in New World

The Recall to Inn feature in New World (Image via Amazon Games)
The Recall to Inn feature in New World (Image via Amazon Games)

There are a handful of ways to fast travel in New World. There are free ways and costly ways, but the main thing is that each method will get you somewhere in no time at all.

Here are all of the methods for fast travel in New World:

  • Azoth: Azoth is a precious mineral with magical properties in New World. It serves as a form of currency that can be used to increase bonuses while crafting, respect a Mastery Tree, or Fast Travel. The farther you are from the sanctuary location you'd like to travel to, the more Azoth it costs. The cost can be reduced with Faction bonuses. You also must have visited the location previously.
  • Spirit Shrines: Spirit Shrines can be unlocked for fast travel in New World just by visiting them. These tall and thin structures have a green beam coming from them. Once you have discovered a Spirit Shrine, you can use it to fast travel to other Shrines, settlements, or outposts.
  • Inn: In New World, you can purchase a stay at an Inn. Just enter the Inn and check-in. Once every 60 minutes, as long as you remain checked in, you can fast travel back to that Inn for free from anywhere in Aeternum.
  • Housing: Fast traveling to a house works similar to an Inn. If you own a house in New World, depending on its price, you can fast travel to it for free from anywhere every two to four hours. Spending Azoth can reduce that cooldown.

To fast travel, just open up your map and find where you want to go. Hover over it with your cursor, and you can select to either Fast Travel or Recall to Inn if the option is available.

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